Here is a free ritual you can do right now to get everything you want in life. It is the same as that "wishing well" listing many of my costumers loved so much. This is an "activated ritual", that means I've already done the ground work to make it an official way to communicate with the spirit realm.  

First, take a piece of paper, draw out or print out that sigil (symbol) you see on the banner on this page. This is a calling card (sigil) for my activated egregore (created spirit), Her name is Val-ka-kraeem-da'hasharak’al’hak’shreem. You can call her Valerie. Her job is to connect your wishes to the appropriate spirits in the astral world, sort of like your concierge to the underworld. It is Deion's effort to simplify the black magick process for novice practitioner.

To use, first, purify your thought, make a wish in the most simple language. Only positive, ethical, actionable happy wishes will be fulfilled. All harmful or revenge wishes will be voided. Only bring good energy to my egregore Valerie, she is a lady. Hold that vision from the position of wish fulfilled. Now connect with the egregore spirit by staring intensely into the sigil for at least 15 minutes to activate the astral link. For a stronger connection, you can place your right hand on the sigil while visualizing your wish full filled. 

If you wish to maximize the energy vortex, push your energy into this ritual by kissing the printed sigil. The closer you are connected with that sigil physically, the stronger the astral link. You are welcome to be creative. If you want to bring more power to the ritual, repeat this mantra at least 108 times. "Magicae Ruat Caelum. Om Nut Hum mara et men jeru davene a pum kum kum Namaha. Fiat Magicae" that is an activated mantra that was taught to be by various spirits. 

Your wish will be delivered to the appropriate high level Demon/Angel/Deity. Egregore Valerie both works for me and at the same time, serves as an emissary of the high level spirit, so please treat her with respect. I know you have a lot of questions, but don't worry, Egregore Valerie will take care of the details for you. 

Just follow the procedure I set out. Talk to Valerie as you would be talking to an Arch Angel or Demon King. It is my hope that everyone will be able to reach their full potential and live their best possible life. I truely believes in the power of black magick, I have so many success stories to tell. I think the world will be a much better place if everybody are able to practice black magick.