When  Jesus was born, he was visited by “The Three Magi” at the stable. The  Magi offered gifts with the prophecy of what one day Jesus would become.  Keep in mind, Magi, meaning “wise men”, is the root word for Magick.  They were the Black Magicians of their time. Infact, one can say, Jesus  was blessed with a Black Magick ritual at birth, and the Christian “God”  was anointed as “King” by three Black Magicians. Also note, The Three  Magi was ordered by King Herod to report back to him the location of  Jesus so he can pay his tribute to the “New King”, (while in fact, Herod  planned to kill Jesus), the Magi of course knew what Herod was up to,  left the country without reporting back to Herod, thus saving Jesus’  life. The next time a Christian tells you practicing Black Magick will  send you to hell, kindly remind them that black magicians were at the  birth of Jesus, were welcomed by Jesus’ family, gave blessings to Jesus,  anointed Jesus as “King of the Jews”, and saved Jesus’ life. (Matthew  2:11–16) Then you can proceed to ask these “Christians” if that is the  way they treat the people who saved their God. Happy Holidays.

~Deion Xmas 2022