Deion's Enchanting face (Photo)


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Have you ever seen a face so enchanting you instantly fall into a trance state?
Have you ever looked into someone's eyes and felt an instant connection to the spirit world?
Have you ever seen someone's lips and known that their words will instantly heal your soul?

There is a reason why I never show my face. It is because it is just too powerful, too enchanting, too entrancing. One look at me, and people instantly drift into a deep trance. It is very difficult to get them to focus.

On sale is a giant portrait of Deion's beautiful face, shot with the most sophisticated camera equipment, in extra-large print to be displayed in your home, office, or room. It will also come with a series of portfolio and wallet-sized photos you can use in other areas of your home.

The regular price is 1.25 million dollars, with a limited-time offer at this price! It is not uncommon for a photo to be sold at 100k to 250k in the modeling world. Photographic artwork is sold, on average, for over 5 million dollars at auctions. Try asking a fashion magazine-published supermodel to pose for a private photo for you and see how much she charges. Plus, you need to pay her agents and other expenses! At this price, a photo of Deion's face is a steal!

The photo of Deion will serve as a portal opening between your physical world and the astral world, ensuring a continuous flow of astral energy into every part of your life.

Deion's face was created by God himself, and after many years of hard work in hypnosis, astral travel, soul journey, black magick, ESP, telekinesis, banned witchcraft, reiki, chi gong, and transcendental energy pull, hyper-dimensional bending, Deion has finally mastered the art of face portal. In other words, Deion's face is the portal between the spirit world and the physical world. Staring at Deion's face is the same as looking into the infinite astral realm.

People who have seen the real face of Deion have commented that they were unable to look into his eyes for more than 20 seconds without falling under hypnosis. The features of Deion's face have the ability to pull someone's soul out of their body and push it into an astral journey. Many people have commented that they were thrown into a trance-like state as they watched Deion's lips move, and were pulled into a deep vortex of wisdom where all the knowledge of the universe seemed to flood their minds all at once. The people who felt Deion's touch have reported experiencing days of convulsive pleasure, and it takes years to recover from such infinite bliss. Deion's face is simply too powerful for mundane people.

Legal disclaimer: For entertainment purposes only, no metaphysical outcome is implied or warranted. You will receive a physical print of Deion's photo, customized to the specific size to fit your home's dimensions.

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