Binded heart love spell with 3 spirits, extremely potent with real chicken hearts. Full report and photo voodoo domination obsession spell


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Limited time offer! This is a highly potent love spell, because of the nature of such magick, it will only be available for very limited time. MSRP $1243.67, price will revert to original price shortly, if available. Offer expires in 2 days. Last day to order June 29th, it's very difficult to do this root work in the heat of summer!

Legal disclaimer. For entertainment purpose only, no metaphysical outcome is implied or warranted. As per tangible good policy, you will get a customized divination report with photo of the divination process.

This is the most powerful love magick given to me by my spirit guide!! It will bind two hearts together. Binding means the two soul became the portal to each other, and with each passing moment, the spell gets stronger and stronger. This bond is unbreakable.

The process will have two fresh chicken heart physically bonded together by an enchanted leather cord, along with the enchanted petition inside the heart and between the heart. A powerful incantation spoken in the language of Angels, (Enochian) which will give life to this binded poppet. Five candles will be lite on my special altar to energize the astral space. The binded heart poppet will then be placed in specialized jar with enchanted oil, along with offerings of sweets and precious stones. Another candle will be lite over the container to fuse the energy. The container will sit in my everyday altar for a month, where it will absorb the astral energy of all the magick I do everyday, amplifying the power. It will also be serviced by weekly candle lighting for best energy. Afterwards the content will be buried in a local organic garden, where it will be spawned into life.
(if you wish the container to sit on my altar for more than a month, you can rent my altar space for 20 dollars a month, it will be serviced with weekly candle)
Please be reasonable with your expectation, it will not make anyone just fall madly in love with you instantly, this is not the movies. You will also be on their mind, like they can't stopping about you, your target will fantasize about being with you physically, their feelings towards you will intensifies, their good feeling will amplify and their bad feelings will be forgotten. Having said that, this is the real world, people cant just act out of emotions, there are a lot of rules in society!!

You will need to do your part to make the relationship work, that means studying charisma, changing your style, do some self examinations to make yourself more attractive, maybe your current attitude is not helping your cause, you may need to ask yourself some hard questions. "The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expect different result." Transform yourself. At the end of the day, you are 100% responsible for your life, the spirits will help, but you need to help yourself. Sometimes, some relationship are just not to be, do not be target fixated. The spirits will help you find the best possible outcome. Whatever intention you brought to the spirits, it will be amplified.

Another interesting use of this magick is you can bind yourself to anything, of course you can bind yourself to a lover, the more sophiscated black magician will use this ritual to bind themselves to ideas, such as finance, or love, or charisma, or if you are looking for a promotion, you can find yourself to the company, or bind yourself to a professional field like pharmacy or real estate, or if you are politician bind yourself to an elected office, or a scientist would bind themselves to their discipline like biochemistry or quantum physics. etc. The possibilities are limitless.
Variation Options
Single Heart - with petition binded inside the heart. for a lighter spell. $99.99
Double Heart - as shown, one heart is you the other heart is the target $159.99
Triple heart - the heart in the center is you. For 2 targets, or a really strong binding to a single target. $199.99
Multiple hearts - for multiple targets, or a poly relationship, or for a major project with multiple element. Easier to maintain. Starts at 199 for 3 hearts 49.99 additional hearts.

Note, No animals were harmed for the explicit purpose of this spell, the chicken heart came from a local butcher shop, it was already deceased when I receive my supplies. If I didn't purchase these fresh chicken hearts, it will either be thrown away or be used in fertilizers. This ritual actually gave the spirit of the animal to reincarnated into a higher form in its coming life. The US supreme court have made legal the use of animal parts in religious practice, it is protected under our first amendment rights, see Church of the Lukumi Babalu Aye, Inc. v. City of Hialeah, 508 U.S. 520 (1993) for details.
Also note that this exchange is for this magick work and the report only!! Keep in mind I get hundreds of email each day, so I wont be able to engage in long conversations afterwards. We will exchange polite pleasantry and go our separate ways. If you want addition consultations you are welcome to purchase spiritual counselling packages.
Once again this is a limited time offer, organic material are highly perishable, and only fresh hearts are usable. It is also highly biohazardous and a lot of clean up need to happen before and after the magick work. My house smells very bad afterwards. If I cut myself or have open wounds, I will definitely get an infection. Also this magick is very draining, I always need to pass out after this type of rituals. So this is a good price, and there is good chance I won't be doing this for long.

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