Prosperity Magick with 3 Wealth Goddesses. Flash sale! Black Magick Divination witchcraft wicca voodoo law of attraction LOA manifest magick


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This item is sold out, just leaving it up as reference for people who purchased it, we will take down this listing shortly. Note this is very limited offer, only few spots left and I am promoting this working across many platforms, offer expired midnight, Nov 10th Eastern Standard Time.

As per Etsy's terms and condition. For entertainment purpose only. No metaphysical claims or outcome is implied or warrantied. No refunds, although I will do everything in my power to make it right for you.

You will receive a divination report of the working in PDF file, as per Etsy's tangible good policy.

I am doing a small private group ritual for my VIP clients for abundance. The magick working itself normally cost $2000USD, as a private group, you enjoy the benefit of a super ritual with minimal purchase.

This is a ritual with three powerful spirits.
Vedic Goddess Maha Lakshmi
Nordic Goddess Freya
Goetic Goddess Gemory

This magick divination is intended to help you gain a clear mind and focus, mental strength and energy, locate opportunities and resources, guide you to new ways to bring prosperity into your life, Destroys bad karma, protects you from evil spirits, realize your purpose in life, put you on your path to self actualization.

High level magick means working closely with a spirit, they are sentient beings and will help you find the best possible ways to reach your goals.

This idea was given to be by my spirit guide, if you are reading this and feel oddly attracted to the idea, that means your spirit guide brought you here.

Spirit will bring you circumstances that best enables you to succeed, you still have make the best out of the opportunities given. Please only purchase the divination within your budget, we have a 2 dollar wishing well magick that is very well reviewed. If you are tight, you can ask for a "free divination", I am happy to help.

All occult listings are limited time offer, meaning they are only available for a very limited period of time. This is very popular offering and it is always sold out. If you come back on a later date and the item will be sold out, or the item is much more expensive then it is right now, or I moved on to other ventures in life, my apologies in advance.

Magick done by Deion. Yes, that Deion, if you don't believe me send Deion a message / email. It will be confirmed!!
(Deion is a male black magician, FYI for our regular FHRA clients.)

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