Black Magick Enchanted Citrine Pyramid. "Bune's Prosperity Tower", law of attraction feng shui tool for CEO traders realtors Billionaires


Have you ever heard of a "philosopher's stone"? Not the one from Harry Potter!! Philosopher's stone is a real thing, back in medieval time, it is a heavily enchanted crystal, used daily by a black magician, wizard or Wicca witch. We all know crystals can store their owner's energy, memory and wisdom, and the philosopher stone contains it's owner's life time of experience, programming and power.

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As per Etsy's terms and condition. All metaphysical claims are for entertainment purpose only. No metaphysical outcome is implied or warrantied. The tangible good is the crystal tower in the picture.

Note, all black magick listings are time sensitive, what you see today may not be available tomorrow. As many of you may notice, items that were once available may be gone without notice. That is because I follow the advise from my spirit guide. If you are reading this right now feel this strong compulsion to come back, that means your spirit guide had brought you here. Good luck.

History of this crystal tower;

For sale is a Citrine Tower I have been using in money magick for the last 20 years. It's been sitting on a large of pile of cash, whenever I made cash or found extra money, I place it under this tower and it will push the money energy into the universe, then the energy will reflect back into my life. I found that every time I add money under the tower, I get a break in my finances, and that money comes back to me in multiples. The pyramid tower is binded with Bune, the powerful money spirit I've worked with. She has taken me from a flat broke college student, to a day trader who buy and sell million dollars worth stocks and bonds everyday. She had taken me through many jobs and stations in life, to founding many businesses, to a career in the financial industry. The lesson it taught me will be the lessons it teaches you, the magical experiences I gain through blood and sweat, stored in this stone, will be your's to own...

This pyramid is not for every one, definitely not for someone who want to "get rich quick". It's for millionaire who plans to become billionaires. It's for that real estate mongol who wants become a developer tycoon. It's for that trader with a 6 digit bonus aiming for that 9 digit bonus. It's for that venture capitalist moving towards the biggest IPO of the century.

Yes, you need to be a proficient practitioner of Western Ceremonial Magick to use a philosopher's stone. If you have no idea what you are doing, it will just be a pretty rock, it brings good "Feng shui" and will probably bring you a few unexpected drops of income, but you won't get the most out of this powerful astral portal. It's like a super computer, if you are not a scientist, it is just a heavy paper weight, you can play games on it, use it to watch video etc, but you will never know it's worth. So this magical instrument is not for everybody. If you can't afford it, or think it's too expensive then it's not for you. I know that seems harsh but I want this stone to go to a good home.

(if you want more information, go look up the financial benefit of Citrine and the magical properties of a pyramid. It is very well published)

Optional bonus. I will also make myself available for unlimited magick consultation for 2 months, along 8 weekly intense money magick, with Bune or wealth demon / Angel of your choice, and 8 weekly magic protection magick to defend you from potential psychic attacks, usually from your competitor who grew jealous of your success. If you wish to have a pact with Bune, I can handle magick work for you too.

BONUS. For a limited time only.
You will receive a full year of 9 planet energy invigoration Magick . (52 weekly Magick, MSRP $785)
one full year of weekly strong hex protection Magick . (52 weekly Magick MSRP $785 )
one full year of monthly beautiful relationship / loving family life Magick (12 monthly Magick $785 )
one full year of monthly wealth creation Magick (12 Monthly Magick $785 )
The Imperial Dragon Magick (MSRP $2850)
The Serpent God Magick (MSRP $1885)
one full year of monthly "Third eye opening" energy Magick . (MSRP $785)
3 months of personal mentorship with Deion (MSRP $1200)
10 weekly energy reiki session with Deion (MSRP $885)
A collection of 9 pieces of unique digital art work by Deion, including rights to resell. (MSRP $1000)
50% off e-courses on black magick. (futur
50% off e-courses on Hypnosis
30% off live training courses on hypnotherapy certification courses. (those courses can run upwards of $4500.00 USD)
Discount for products and services.
Plus much more!

In short, you will receive the benefit of this powerful Magick crystal
with Bune, a full year of massive powerful Magick , huge discount on future educational products and seminars. (it is possible that you will save more money than you spend!) Digital Art work you can resell, expert mentorship from the person who created this Magick .
Hurry, though, due to inflation and the raising cost of doing business, this pack deal deal will only be available for one more customer. This item is listed on multiple locations, including my private VIP club, so it may be sold at anytime. Also I can change my mind at any time. If I found a new trading algorithm or something, I will keep this powerful crystal and use it for my business. So, this is a very limited time offer!

If you are reading this right now, that means your spirit guide brought you here. The people who knows me well will know that my availability is extremely limited. If someone buy this before you do, that means you will have to wait forever for the next chance to buy. Many clients told me they felt this overwhelming energy flowing through them when they read this listing, that means it is an invitation from the spirit world. Don't miss this limited opportunity to change your life today.

This is the most powerful enchanted item in my arsenal. Bune asked me to put it up for sale, because he want to visit more lives. If you are reading this and feel oddly attracted to this stone, and can't stop thinking about this for several days, that means Bune had lead you to this item.

Honestly, I don't want to sell this, this stone is a huge part of my life, parting with this philosopher's stone is like cutting off a limp for me, but I was just laying in bed the other day, and if I were to die tomorrow, all my enchanted items will be trashed, and their magical properties will be forever gone.

In any case, if this philosopher's stone is speaking to you, get it now before I change my mind.

After purchase, (optional )
I will briefly consult you base on the information you provide.
I will perform a black magick working, binding the demon with you (or the gift recipient) with this philosopher's stone
I will send the item via mail. Free shipping.

Ships from the United States, my work takes me to different countries, right now I am in the US, but it could be shipped from anywhere depends when you ordered it.

As per Etsy's terms and condition. All metaphysical claims are for entertainment purpose only. No metaphysical outcome is implied or warrantied. No refunds, although I will do everything in my power to make it right for you.

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