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Ever wonder what your child / grand child would look like in the future?
Looking for the perfect gift for your all star parenting friends?
Ideal gift for a grand parent envisioning a future of their family?

For the first time ever, black magick is meeting artificial intelligence!

MSRP $84.94, limited time offer, last one at this price!!!

Using my knowledge in astral divination, traveling through different time lines, I will pull that future image of your child from astral space, and using the neural interface super computer at the secret ivy league university quantum physics lab, I will create a portrait of your child/ grand child as a successful young professional. 100% accurate! 100% unique!

I will create three unique digital images of your child as a successful young adult,
one as a college student, ( 21 years old)
one as a young professional , (30 years old)
one as a mature VIP executive. (45 years old)

(one purchase per child only! if you have more than one children, please make more purchases!!)

Use it for your "law of attraction" manifestation exercise. Satisfy that need to see child as a successful young adult. Imagine the satisfaction in seeing your child as a successful adult.

This the perfect gift! the most unique gift a person will ever receive!
Recipient of this gift will remember you for life!
I had friends who display the print in their living room! Imagine your friends remember your contribution their family life every time they walk into their living room! I have seen grandparents broke down in tears of joy when they see a picture of their grand kids grown up.

Best of all. You keep the exclusive rights to the images! 100% distribution rights and commercial rights.
(as long as you give credit back to me the creator and link back to my website, a common practice in the art world)

Yes, you can make money off the images! Print it on your "mech" (t-shirts, coffee mugs, posters, mouse pads, etc)
post it anywhere you want.
or just keep it within your family to enjoy in privately.

I will need 2 or 3 of your headshots of the child. Plus a few headshots from the biological parents, (if possible), preferably without glasses, and for the dad, clean shaven pictures if possible.

Please allow 5 to 10 business days to complete orders. If you require express service, such as meeting a dead line or emergency, we offer express service for $99 dollars, to be delivered within 48 hours of receiving all relevant information.

Can I buy this for a friend?
yes, please send me the same information, as much as possible

I have more than one child, can I buy more than one set of pictures?
yes, absolutely!!!

Can I buy one for my grandchild?
yes absolutely, please send the information, (as much as possible)

I don't have the pictures of the child's biological parents (one or both), can i still buy it?
Yes, I have ways to work around it. Of course the better the data set the more accurate the results.

my child is considering gender transformation, can you do a portrait of them as a different gender?
yes, i can do that, I respect all gender identity, and recognize the need for such products, please send me the appropriate information. If you require two sets of pictures, then please purchase two sets. you are really paying for my time.

I have a business that wish to subcontract your work, are you comfortable with me making money off you? (ie, I want to resell your work for a profit)
yes, I have distributors across the world selling my product/services.

I run a creative studio and would like to transform a large group of faces, can you handle that?
yes I welcome partnership with studio and creative corporations

I want to know what my child would look like as a different ethnicity, can you create an image for me?
yes, please let us know the details.

I enjoyed this service very much. Can I buy more than one set of pictures?
yes for sure!

Can I resell the created image?
yes! you have the commercial right, as long as you give credit back to me and a link back to my website.

Can I request a specific aspect ration? (for social media)
yes, the standard is square (1:1). you can request images in vertical (9:16) or wide screen (16:9) format.

I am a parent of a missing child, can you age the picture of my child to the current day?
First, I am very sorry to hear that. And yes, I will do my best.

I am a police detective looking for missing children on a "cold case", can you use your black magick technology to forensically age the photo(s) in my case files?
Yes I can do that. Police often work with psychics / hypnotists /black magicians for leads, don't be shy in contacting me.

I am representing the CIA / MI6 / CSIS (or a national intelligence spy agency), and we need to know what our target look like at their current age, would you be able to provide consulting services for our ultra secret agency?
Yes, as long as you pay me a lot of money, and I only work for the good guys.

We are a Non Government Organization (NGO) looking for internationally displaced children, ie missing children from war zones, natural disasters, human trafficking, migrant separation.. etc. would you be able your black magick power to appropriately age the pictures of the children so we can unite them with their parents?
yes, it would be my honor to help.

I run a prestigious art gallery and would love to display your art, would you consider being our featured artist?
yes I would love to!

Legal disclaimer, for entertainment purpose only. Not suitable for any medical or legal applications. No metaphysical claim or warranty. No refunds.

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