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Extreme Heavy Protection Magick Divination for my VIP Clients.
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Ever wonder why some "bad" people do well in life despite cursed by millions??
Ever wonder why some people are easily hexed while other seems to be immune to curses??
Ever wonder how to protect yourself from heavy curses when you work in a highly hostile environment??

As per Etsy's tangible good policy. you'll receive a custom written divination report in text file. you will also receive a custom hypnosis guided meditation audio file, a subliminal audio file for motivation, and a custom brainwave audio file synchronized to receive this positive divine vibration.

As per Etsy's legal policy. For entertainment purpose only. No metaphysical outcome implied or warranted. Buyer assume 100% of the risk. No Refunds!!

The truth is, the people at the top of society have a lot of astral protection! This listing was once exclusively available for my VIP clients. People who are politicians, celebrities, public figures, or work in an environment where they get the worst kind of curses.

Limited time offer only! Expires May 29th at midnight.

If you feel you had an active curses from years ago, or you suspect you might have hexed by one or two high suspect individual. This listing is too powerful for you. The only people who need this listing are the people who get cursed continuously, or made some very powerful enemy who are very adept in black magick!!

For those of you who knew me in real life knew I am connected with some very powerful people, that is because there is something I can offer those powerful people that nobody else can deliver.

This is month long continuous protection and cleansing. A lot of my VIP clients purchase this listing on a monthly subscription. The price is pocket change compare to what they could loose if just one curse takes effect.

Once again, most people don't *need* this extreme level of protection. A lot of people do ask for the most *powerful* magick, so I am making this available to the public for a very brief time. Most people don't need this much power...

Black Magick protection with 7 deities. (including demons, arch angels, djinns, and "god form" deities)

I can include up to 8 family members / associates / friends in the working. I can add more people to the working with small surcharge fee per person over that limit.

I can clear curses on corporations. one company at a time

I can clear curses on houses, one house at a time!

I can clear "generation" curses.

Protect and remove all spiritual intrusions, evil eyes, curses, hexes, generational curses, negative energy, astral parasites, "tricker spirits", death curses, hypnosis / mind control curses, voodoo, bad juju, energy vampires, draining cords, plus much more...

We offer 5 level of dark curse removal / protection
Level 1 $99.99USD Single application when needed. Deep cleansing, for negativity / minor curses / doormat curses from past
Level 2 $393.93USD Heavy curses, active black magick hexes, "vampire bites", multiple curses, on going despites. (recommend annual subscription)
Level 3 $2893.98 USD VIP who get repeated curses, celebrities, people who work in highly hostile environments. (recommended monthly subscription)
Level 4, $27853.94 USD Psychic battle, work to remove your enemy's magick power. (recommended monthly subscription)
Level 5, $50000.00 USD Full Astral War. A whole army working to defend you in the astral realm and wipe out your astral enemies. (recommend monthly subscription)
Prices subject to change. If you don't see the listing, let me know and I'll post it. Limited availability. I get really sick after a curse removal working, so it is not always available.

If you are reading this right now, that means your spirit guide brought you here. The people who knows me well will know that my availability is extremely limited. If someone buy this before you do, that means you will have to wait forever for the next chance to buy. Many clients told me they felt this overwhelming energy flowing through them when they read this listing, that means it is an invitation from the spirit world. Don't miss this limited opportunity to change your life today.

limited time offer only!!!

This is "Cruelty Free" occult shop, no animals are ever harmed in any of our rituals.

Magick done by Deion. Yes, that Deion, if you don't believe me send Deion a message / email. It will be confirmed!
(Deion is a male black magician, FYI for our regular FHRA clients...)

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