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Are you a gender curious male trying to visualize yourself as female?
Wonder what it would been like had you gone through gender transformation at an earlier age?
wonder what you would look like after gender reassignment procedures?

For the first time ever, black magick is meeting artificial intelligence!!!!

MSRP $184.94, limited time offer, last one at this price!

Using my knowledge in astral divination, I will pull that image of you in astral space as your feminine self, and using the neural interface super computer at the secret ivy league university quantum physics lab, I will create a portrait of you as a female. 100% accurate! 100% unique!

I will create three unique digital images of you as a female, one as beautiful young lady, ( 21 years old) one as an professional young lady, (30 years old) one as a mature VIP executive lady. (45 years old)

Use it for your "law of attraction" manifestation exercise. Satisfy that need to see yourself in a different gender. Make yourself whole! Be all you can be!

Also perfect as a gift! the most unique gift a person will ever receive.

I've worked with many beautiful people who underwent gender transformation, so I have a good understanding of the challenges you face.

You keep the rights to the images! 100% distribution rights and commercial rights.
(as long as you give credit back to me the creator and link back to my website, a common practice in the art world)

Yes, you can make money off the images! Print it on your "mech" (t shirt, coffee mugs, bra, etc)
post it anywhere you want.
or just keep it yourself to enjoy in privately!!

I will need 2 or 3 of your headshots, briefly tell me about yourself, your current age, your career aspiration etc, that way I get a feel of your personality. (or just sent the headshots if you don't feel like typing.)

Prefer headshots that are clean shaven, without glasses, well lit and clear. However we understand it's not always possible, just provide the best ones, we can work with any headshots.

Please note I can only handle, Family rated/PG13 themed artwork.

Please allow 5 to 10 business days to complete orders. If you require express service, such as meeting a dead line or emergency, we offer express service for $99 dollars, to be delivered within 48 hours of receiving all relevant information.

Can I buy this for a friend?
yes, please send me his headshot!

I am a female curious to find out what I look like as a male, would this listing apply to my needs?
yes, please let me know the details. I will have a separate listing for that too, you can make your purchase now and I'll take care of you.

I run a creative studio and would like to transform a large group of faces, can you handle that?
yes I welcome partnership with studio and creative corporations

I want to know what I would look like as other ethnicity, can you create an imagine for me?
yes, please let us know the details.

I enjoyed this service very much. Can I buy more than one set of pictures?
yes for sure!

Can I resell the created image?
yes! you have the commercial right, as long as you give credit back to me and a link back to my website.

Can I request a specific aspect ration? (for social media)
yes, the standard is square. you can request images in vertical (9:16) or wide screen (16:9) format.

I run a prestigious art gallery and would love to display your art, would you consider being our featured artist?
yes I would love to!

Legal disclaimer, for entertainment purpose only. Not suitable for any medical or legal applications. No metaphysical claim or warranty. No refunds.

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Good item not exactly what I pictured but still good

Great photos, great quality. I'm delighted. I like it very much. I definitely recommend it

Wow! That is all I can say. I had come across this store and offering quite by accident. And like most folks, I became curious to see what I would have looked like if I was born to the fairer sex, if you will. I have to say that I would have been quite the beauty. Thank you. And what I received was according to 3 different ages as well as 2 bonus photographs. Once again, I am what they call a “real catch” indeed and rather fetching as well! There was some difficulty in my getting my own photographs to the merchant for whatever reason. But the merchant was very helpful in helping me. Thank you. This was a grand experience for me.

The seller was very responsive and delivery was good. It honestly was a little late by a day or so, but that was understandable when I found out the seller had gotten really sick recently. However, the end result of what I received was well worth the wait.

Elle est très douée, je suis très émerveillé de son talent artistique mieux que vanghog

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