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Why are some people luckier than other people?
Why do good business fail and bad business thrive?
Why do some people struggle in everything and some people have it easy?

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The answer is, some people are able understand the power of lucky numbers. Numbers are every where in our life today, the occult nature of numbers are hidden in every book of magick, yet people tend to skip over these passages. The black magicians who understood the power of numbers became extreme powerful!

The truth is, the knowledge of one's magick number is purposely kept away from you by society's elite. If everyone were able to use this power, then it will level the playing field, and the one percent don't want to share this power!

Until now...

Here is the divination product.

I will give you your Magick Number (lucky number), using ancient Vedic planetary astrology that's only available to Royalties and Billionaires. You can then wisely apply this number to many aspect in your life.

All occult listings are limited time offer, meaning they are only available for a very limited period of time. This is very popular offering and it is always sold out. If you come back on a later date and it is gone, or the item is much more expensive then it is right now, my apologies in advance.

My spirit guide asked me to post this item on this store, so it will be available for the next few days. If you are reading this right now, that means your spirit guide had brought you here. Deeper meaning of life awaits you to explore. Are you ready?

MSRP. $99.99 Price will go up very soon. Introductory offer! This divination is very time consuming!

For more forbidden occult listings, please visit my Etsy pattern store.

****Last one at this price! Price goes back up tomorrow!****
Readings done by Deion. Yes, that Deion, if you don't believe me send Deion a message / email. He will confirm!
(Deion is a male black magician, FYI for our regular FHRA clients.)

case study
I had a lucky number when i was in high school, it's the number 4, whenever I go to a varsity tournament, I will make sure my reference number have 4 in it, for example, one time I arrived at a tournament early, before anyone else had arrived, I wait for 3 teams to register a head of me, even though I was the first participant to arrive. The staffer at the tournament was looking at me funny and ask me to register, but I had to act busy and ignore them. I remember winning the tournaments with associated with 4 and doing very poorly without it.

I once worked with fashion model in New York, she was struggling financially, so I did a lucky number reading for her. her lucky number was 7, from there on, she arranged her life in sets of seven. She have 7 shades of lipsticks in her make up kit, she did her auditions in sets of 7, she would update her social media 7 pictures at a time, she make sure she reorganize her schedule on the 7th every month, she would try to pick a flight with number 7 on it, or take flights that either either takes off at 7 o'clock or arrive at 7 o'clock. Since then she had signed with a major agency, featured in magazines and did many modeling tours in Asia.

in the television series "Star trek, The Next Generation", one of the major writer self calculated his lucky number to be "47", you can find the number 47 repeating throughout the series. Keep in mind, in the beginning, "Star trek" was not envisioned to be a success. (The Original star trek series was actually cancelled after 4 season.) these days, Star Trek is so successful it had ingrained itself in the fabric of society. There had been thousands of TV series featuring space travel, yet Star Trek reigns supreme. *Not affiliated with "StarTrek" in anyway.

you will find that many billionaires, star athletes, political leaders, all have their lucky number. Some people stumbles upon it, some people pay millions of dollar to their personal black magician for this same advise.

of course, we need to give credit where credit is due, there is a lot of hard work, sweat and talent to be successful. No "lucky" item would automatically turn you into super star. Having said that, we all had experiences where everything was lined up for our success, judges understood your point better than the competition, you met an Agent who was looking for your unique talent on that particular day, the plot of your screen play happens to match the taste of the funding executives.

Exactly how to use your lucky number is up to you. In this modern day and age, we are able to use statistics and probably as a management tool. Meaning if you use an advantageous method over of series of events, you will more likely enjoy advantageous result overall.

For this service I will need your full name at birth, your birth date, your birth time, your location of birth, and your recent pictures. Yes I need all of that. (your time of birth can be found on your birth certificate)
Please send me all the relevant information immediately after your purchase. I want to spend my time doing divination and magick, you know, meaningful work, not chasing down paperwork.

Please allow 10 to 15 business days for delivery
If you require express delivery, there is a corporate service fee for 99.99USD. We will get it out to you within 48 hours guaranteed. This is usually for urgent situations such as founding a business or for a time sensitive matter.

As per Etsy's terms of service. For entertainment only. No metaphysical out come implied or warrantied. You are buying a divination product as tangible good. All sales are final. No refunds.

I will continuously update this product listing with a FAQ section.


Can I buy this as a gift for someone else?
Yes, please send the birth information and I'll get to work.

Can I buy this for my child?
Yes, please send the birth information and I'll get to work.

Can I use it for my business?
yes, please send me the time you register the business, failing that, please send me a notable time at the start of your business, such as opening party, etc. If you can remember the moment the business was conceived in your mind, it would be the best, but most people don't remember. (as a general rule, if you are serious about gaining occult advantages in life, make note on the date/time/location of every idea you received. There are a lot we can do with that information using planetary astrology calculations. )

Can I use it for a special project?
yes, just like the business, please send me a notable time at the start of your project, such as opening party, etc. If you can remember the moment the project was concieved in your mind

Can I have a special number for my family?
yes, I would need notable times in your family, such as the exact time of when you got married, etc.

Can you generate a lot of lucky numbers for my next creative venture? (movies screen plays, novels, video games, virtual world ... etc)
Yes. I am happy to provide corporate service to creative companies.

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I’m happy to know my lucky 🍀 number . I’ll see where things go.

I will look forward to using my lucky numbers and my lucky colour which came in a bonus reading attached. I have already begun to use them so lets see what they will bring. I will update this review later. It also arrived much sooner than I expected which was a nice surprise! I really appreciate this reading, thank you Deion!

This was delivered super fast and I got so much more than expected - a detailed reading as well as my lucky numbers and colour. Funnily enough, my main number is one I already think of as lucky for me 🍀 Thank you, Deion! 🤍

Deion helped me to attract a billionaire man and increase my financial status. He is my favorite magician and the best magician in the world! I feel so lucky to have him in my life ❤️

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