Petition to Arch Angel Sandalphon! (Financial Abundance)


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Petition (Make a wish) to Arch Angel Sandalphon! This is a fast, fun, and easy approach to black magick*.
(Please read through the entire product description before ordering!)

This is next evolution of the very popular "Wishing Well" The listing will specify which spirit you will be working with, after purchase, send me your wish, and I will use my power as a Black Magician to deliver that wish to the said spirit. This listing is specifically for Arch Angel Sandalphon. Sandalphon is a very powerful money spirit, and most people evoke him for financial matter such as business, career advancement, uncovering hidden potentials, artist to generate more income, "road opening", getting a new job etc. Having said that, you are welcome to wish for anything to any spirit.

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You will receive a divination report in text or PDF file as tangible good. This is for entertainment purpose only, no metaphysical outcome is implied or warrantied. Payment process securely by Etsy payment

MSRP $30.00USD, price goes back up very soon!

For this divination with Sandalphon, I will need, as much as possible, the following information.
Your full name at birth, your date of birth, your time of birth, your city of birth, and your recent pictures.
(please spell out the month of birth, and specify AM/PM on time of birth)
Plus a short, 2 or 3 sentence "wish" petition.
Write your wish from the perspective of your wish full filled, with infinite gratitude. For example, if you want grades in calculus, write your wish out as "Thank you for showing me how to double my income.", or "thank you for connecting me to the perfect clients for my new business". etc.
Please send me all the relevant information immediately after your purchase. I want to spend my time doing divination and rituals, you know, meaningful work, not chasing down paperwork.

The $1.99 wishing well is still available, but it is often sold out. If you don't see the wishing well let me know and I'll relist.

You can also ask for a general blessing if don't know what to write.
You can also ask for a blessing on behalf of someone else, in that case I will send an Arch Angel to help them out.

As per Etsy's term of service,
You will receive a report in text or PDF file as tangible good. All metaphysical listings are for Entertainment purpose only.

You can also ask for multiple and or repeated wishes. (each wish a new order.)

This idea of a "quick petition" was given to be by my spirit guide, if you are reading this right now and feel oddly attracted to this idea, that means your spirit guide brought you here. We humans are summoning spirits as much as spirits are summoning us.

The idea behind the wishing well is to make incremental changes to achieve your goals, chances if that you won't be able to build an empire overnight. What you want to do is to make a petition, (aka a wish), work with that energy, then come back to make another petition, then work with the new inspiration or resources came your way. It's the "improve yourself 1% everyday rule". This is known as "Level 3" magick, the most powerful kind of magick. This is the way *I*, as a professional black magician, do black magick for myself. To borrow a modern phrase, it is keeping "constant contact" with the spirits you summoned. I talk to my spirit guides everyday, and so should you.

Arch Angel Sandalphon is the most proficient financial entity I've ever worked with, he is my financial Patron, and the Patron of my Etsy store. It was he who recommended that I start an occult store on Etsy. It turns out to be best advise ever! Sandalphon is an ascended human, meaning he never went through death to become a spirit. He was 300 years old when he ascended, but back then, in biblical times, humans lives to be 900 years old, so Sandalphon was quite a dashing young man when he ascended into heaven! Sandalphon often appears to me as a stylish older gentleman, sort of like a 70 year old James Bond, he is friendly, funny, and a dashingly adventurous. Quite different from the conservative Arch Angels stereotype. If you are looking for a quick buck, an "unexpected income", or "gambling windfall", Sandalphon is not for you. However, if you are interested in long term, sustained, fulfilling financial success, through hard work and creativity, then Sandalphon is 100% for you. He will also help you discover your true talents, connects you with the right people, and set you up with the right circumstances to succeed. If you don't believe me, just ask my many clients who enjoyed transformational success with this Arch Angel. Infact, if anyone ask me for a money, career, "road opening", even getting fame type of magick, the first spirit I recommend would be Arch Angel Sandalphon! Warning though, Sandalphon will work you hard!

You will likely receive a new idea to solve your problem, or a misplace book may pop up in your space, or a random search on the internet may give you a new insight. You may also feel a prompting to do something unrelated, but months and years down the road, proved to be pivotal to your succeed.

It is important to note that it is completely up to you to make things happen in the physical world. Spirits will help you along the way but they won't do things for you. The spirits will only help the people who help themselves.

You may also experience a few "glitches in the matrix", something out of the ordinary happens, like a bus driver missing a turn, or things slightly out of place.

The blessing may also comes in forms of protection. We are often protected from a lot of elements we never considered. Maybe you missed a flight and had to take a connector, but on that original flight you were assigned to someone who just had lunch with someone who had a highly contagious disease... etc.

The blessing will also take form in a strange co incidences, or events that are already in motion but unbeknownst to you, turn out in your favor.

Also look out for coins in the ground, always pick up a free penny. Believe me I've found so much money on the floor. (your mileage may vary!)

Always be in a state of gratitude, always think positive, always be in a state of "reception". I see a lot of people spending countless hours and resources doing ceremonial magick, summoning every entity know to humanity, but they never spend a second to receive their blessings. Learn to receive!

It is important to note that your intention and your emotional state at the time you make the wish will be amplified by the spirit. If you are feeling good, confident, and in a state of abundance when you make the wish, more of such circumstances will manifest into your life. If you are in a negative emotional state, or have ill intention at the time you make your wish, more of such circumstances will continue to manifest in your life. It is doesn't matter how clever you word your wish, the spirits see it all.

Keep in mind, spirits don't "grant" wishes, this is not the movies, but they are happy to help you attain the things you want in life. You must keep working towards your goal, build momentum, keep an open mind, have a positive attitude, take reasonable risks, the spirits will be there to guide you with an invisible hand. Instead of asking the spirits to give you things, I ask the spirits "What can I do today to get the things I want in life". Then a clue usually shows up, I go follow up on it, ask another question the next day, sooner or later, I always get what I want. This is the reason why black magick is the most "powerful" of all magick, it's because of this continuous cooperation between a spirit and a human.

I am already getting a lot of positive feedback from this spell, and the listing had only been up for a week! It's because of the "non attachment" principle. Most of the time, people are too attached to the out come, more specifically, people are too attached to "how" their wish will manifest, that they unconsciously sabotage their results. With this spell, you can just "wish it and forget it". Most people don't even realize their wish was full filled until much later. This is also an excellent tool for you to practice wishing and receiving. Fine tuning your asking voice and calibrating your receiving senses.

Once again, this is mean to be fun, fast and easy! Due to the low price of this product, I won't be able to provide consulting nor answer any emails. No follow up questions please.

As per Etsy's tangible good policy, you will receive divination thank you note from me, stating that your wish had been delivered to the spirit, in text.

As per Etsy's terms and condition. This is for entertainment purpose only. I am selling a religious art in digital form / divination product. No Metaphysical outcome is implied or warrantied.

* "Black Magick" in the tradition of Western Ceremonial Magick, means the magician works directly with a spiritual entity. It does not mean evil. In the medieval days, anyone caught practicing spiritual exercises not sanctioned by the Catholic church will meet an unpleasant demise, so magicians have to practice at night, out of sight, that's why it's called "Dark Magick", over time we just called it black magick.

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