Extreme Money Magick Ritual. Limited time offer


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A black magick ritual for extreme money. Month long super ritual. This is a group version of the "Imperial Dragon Ritual" engineered for financial abundance.

Regularly price at over 2000 dollars USD. Offer expires soon. Keep in mind there is a lot of preparation work to do.

It will start by Deion hosting a massive money ritual, working with Arch Angel Sandalphon, Vedic Goddess Maha Mahalaxmi, and Goetic Spirit Bune.

The ritual will be amplified by our proprietary "Super Massive" Engine.

Featuring a team of professional vedic priest repeating the ritual over and over for four consecutive weeks. 24/7. Perform at a real vedic temple, in a dedicated space we rent out for this ritual. In total, over 200,000 mini rituals will be perform. (yes you heard it right, two hundred thousand.) A mini ritual is a combination of mantra, fire manipulation, rice offering, and body movement. Takes 30 to 40 seconds to complete, the power is in the repetition of the ritual. it will super charge your money intentions. If you are wondering 'why so cheap", it is because of the disparity between US dollar and Indian rupees. Also, a cooperate client had already paid for the set up this time, and we only have a few extra spots left. It will cost a lot more in future offering.

at 385USD a month, it's around $12 dollars a day. Around here, I can't even get lunch for 12 dollars.

Other benefits.
Amplify all the spell work you've ever done
Amplify all the intention you push into the universe
super charge all your "law of attraction" exercises
Money will flow into your life as an abundance blessing, meaning good money that gives you higher quality of life. For those of you who have handled money before, you know there are "good money" and "bad money".
Good money means bringing harmony in your relationship, finding meaningful opportunities, raise your status in society, money well spent etc
protection from curses, evil eye and negativity
give you good mental energy
wisdom to make good decision.
It is technically "white magick", or religious practice. Lord Krishna consider this an act of charity, as mentioned in Bhagavad Gita, and it will 100% go into your "good karma", as the fund goes to feeding vedic priests who had sworn vows of poverty.

Once again, the spirits will give you fresh ideas, good connections and right circumstances to succeed, you still need to work hard and take advantage of the opportunity given to receive the benefit. It is not like the movies, things don't just pop out in your room. Please keep your expectation realistic.

Also please only purchase the services within your budget. If you are struggling and need help you can always ask me for a free blessing. We also have 2 dollar "tip jar" fast blessings. Magick is what you make of it, some people make it big with a small opportunities, some people can't make anything happen with big opportunities. You are 100% responsible for what happens in your life. Spirit are here to help, they won't do it for you.

On a personal note, I have had great experience with this ritual, I am making this offer to share this wonderful experience with my friends. If you are seeing this right now, that means your spirit guide had brought you here, this is why you feel this connection to this listing. Don't let this rare opportunity slips away.

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This is "Cruelty Free" occult shop, no animals are ever harmed in any of our rituals.

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