Tower of the 72 Demons. Extreme Black Magick Aventurine Crystal for overwhelming power to dominate the astral world. Magically charged


last chance to order! Limited Time offer! due to travel, I am only putting up this powerful divination tool because my spirit guide ask me to do so, I love this crystal, I can change my mind at anytime!

Have you ever heard of a "philosopher's stone"? Not the one from Harry Potter! Philosopher's stone is a real thing, is an heavily enchanted crystal. One that is used daily by a black magician, wizard or Wicca witch. back in ancient world, civilization will go to war for ownership of such stone. We all know crystals can store their owner's energy, memory and wisdom, and the philosopher stone contains it's owner's life time of experience, programming and power...

All occult listings are limited time offer, meaning they are only available for a very limited period of time. This is very popular offering and it is always sold out. If you come back on a later date and it is gone, or the item is much more expensive then it is right now, my apologies in advance.

For sale is an Aventurine tower I have been using in western ceremonial magick for the last 10 years, specifically, I have been using it to summon the demons of the Ars Goetia. All 72 of them. Back at a time when I would evoke every Demons, over and over again, days after days, months after months, years over years. This crystal tower is so densely binded, you can feel it's vibration just by looking at it. It is said that when a Demon passes through a crystal portal, it stores the demonic energy. After many years of repetitive ceremonial magick, this tower now has in storage all the knowledge, wisdom and ability of all 72 demons King Solomon once employed to build his empire. This crystal has taken me from a complete novice, to an adept black magician. The lesson it taught me will be the lessons it teaches you, the magical experiences I gain through blood and sweat, stored in this stone, will be your's to own.

To use this energy tower, you just have to place this tower in the center of your magic circle, have one hand touching the crystal, and host your ceremonial magick. The demons are so comfortable with the vibration of this crystal, they will very comfortably entering and exiting your magick space. How will you use your magick power? Just call that demon's name while holding this tower, and they will appear!!

Of course you will need to have a level of proficiency in summoning demons. It is necessary for you to have a level of success with western ceremonial magick before using this powerful apparatus. If you have no idea what you are doing, this could be down right dangerous. Warning: The worst thing you can do is summoning a Demon and don't know how to handle them. This crystal tower is not for everyone.
So this magical instrument is not for everybody. If you can't afford it, or think it's too expensive then it's not for you. I know that seems harsh but I want this stone to go to a good home.

This is the most powerful enchanted item in my arsenal. My demon friends asked me to put it up for sale, because they want to expand their influence. If you are reading this and feel oddly attracted to this stone, and can't stop thinking about this for several days, that means these Demons had lead you to this item.
Honestly, I don't want to sell this, this stone is a huge part of my life, parting with this philosopher's stone is like cutting off a limp for me, but I was just laying in bed the other day, and if I were to die tomorrow, all my enchanted items will be trashed, and their magical properties will be forever gone.

In any case, if this philosopher's stone is speaking to you, get it now before I change my mind.

After purchase, (optional)
I will briefly consult you base on the information you provide.
I will perform a black magick enchantment, binding the demons with you (or the gift recipient) with this philosopher's stone
I will send the item via mail. Free shipping.

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In short, a full year of massive powerful Magick , huge discount on future educational products and seminars. (it is possible that you will save more money than you spend!) Digital Art work you can resell, expert mentorship from the person who created this Magick .

Ships from the United States, my work takes me to different countries, right now I am in the US, but it could be shipped from anywhere depends when you ordered it.

As per Etsy's terms and condition. All metaphysical claims are for entertainment purpose only. No metaphysical outcome is implied or warrantied. No refunds, although I will do everything in my power to make it right for you.

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