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Ever wonder why some actresses got the big break while many others struggles to get a small role?
Ever wonder why some models got to grace magazine covers while others kept getting rejected?
Ever wonder why some actresses just command fame and fortune while others struggles to get gigs?

Limited time offer, expires in 3 days.

The answer is Black Magick! The truth is, the top models are being aid by spirits. Some models do magick for themselves, other models hire experience black magicians to help them gain their unfair advantages. The fact is most models have the backing of occult forces.

This magick working intented to raise your status in the eyes of society, give you this aura of royal importance, turns you into someone who commands attention. When you speak, people listens, when you move, heads turn!

I have worked with many models and actresses before, in my capacity as a fashion photographer and television / film producer. Beauty, fame and influence are more than a mere concept, it is a matter of professional survival. For decades, I've kept the black magick part of my practice in secrecy, only now do I offer my magick to be available to selected few clients outside my inner circle, and only for a very limited time...

Case study
Many years ago, I met this lady at a self improvement conference, we were both invited speakers. She was actually quite experienced, but her work rarely got noticed, and she was often treated as an after thought in the circuit. Soon after this magick working, she decided to get a complete make over of her image, she got invited as an guest expert at a popular self improvement movie, her popularity sky rocketed, and since then, she had been invited as keynote speaker at many motivational speaking events.

I worked with this one actress a few years ago. She was a beautiful young lady, but unfortunately had a neurological disorder along with severe anxiety. She was accompanied by her father at all her shoots, which is heavily frowned upon by the industry. Even though her dad was very cool fellow and very helpful on set. With this disability, she was barely able to get any roles, she was even sent home from sets as extras. Soon after this black magick working, she auditioned for a minor role in a film, turns out the director loved her uniqueness, and casted her as an important role. That movie actually won the Oscar a few years ago, now she gets to tell people she was involved in an Oscar winning film, and recently cast for another major motion picture with the salary to match.

I have many more stories to tell, I have enough material to write a book base on my experience. From what I've learned working in the industry, many talented actresses and models are backed by black magician of their own. Remember, if you are not using black magick to defeat your competition, your competition is using black magick to defeat you.

Of course we need to give credit where credit is due, the successful talents are very hard workers, they spend most of their time working on their craft, they have to deal with rejection just like anyone, probably more rejections since they went on more auditions. The spirits will set you up with circumstances to succeed, but you still have to work hard to take advantage of the opportunities given. Magick is wonderous, but it is not the movie, success don't just pop out of a box. Spirits will only help the people who help themselves.

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Limited time offer for my VIP clients. Offer expires May 24th, 2023, or earlier if sold out.

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As per Etsy's legal policy. For entertainment purpose only. No metaphysical outcome implied or warranted. Buyer assume 100% of the risk. No Refunds!

This is "Cruelty Free" occult shop, no animals are ever harmed in any of our rituals.

Magick done by Deion. Yes, that Deion, if you don't believe me send Deion a message / email. It will be confirmed!
(Deion is a male black magician, FYI for our regular FHRA clients.)

My previous clients include...
Fashion models, film and theatre actresses, Television personality, IG influencers, Youtubers, live streamers, politicians, Stock brokers, entrepreneurs, business executives, coaches, psychologists, medical doctors, day traders, real estate brokers, influencers, professional witches, fashion models, screen actresses, celebrities, self employed professionals, government officials, university professors, peak performing athletes, bankers, billionaires, plus much more.

If you are seeing this listing, that means your spirit guide brought you here, take advantage of this very rare opportunity. those of you who knows me well knows I am not around often. Here today, gone tomorrow, such as the life of a true black magician.

Please only spend what you can afford, if you don't have the money and you need spiritual help just ask for free fame energy. Happy to help!

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