Ritual Binded Crystal. "Add On" items for existing costumers. Money Spell, Good Luck Spell, Love Spell, Fame Spell, voodoo witchcraft magick


This is custom product for existing costumers only. When I preform a ritual for you, I will add an item, usually a crystal, to the altar, the crystal will absorbed the energy from the ritual, along with a the wisdom and spirit's pathway into the world. The crystal can be a pendant, a small obelisk, a ring, or other items such as a watch/bracelet/coffee mug... Some of my clients found it comforting to hold this item with them as a physical link to the ritual.
The item starts at 100USD plus international shipping (free domestic shipping in the United States). The price may vary if you want a high value item. ie if you request something more high value, (eg diamonds, luxury branded watches, designer handbags etc) it will cost more to cover my expenses. I had clients request some very exotic items so I am just putting out there to let you know what's available. For most cases I can source some very beautiful items for around $100USD.

As per Etsy's legal policy. For entertainment purpose only. No metaphysical outcome implied or warranted. Buyer assume 100% of the risk. No Refunds!

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Deion is THE best seller on Etsy possibly even in the world. Never had I had someone who was there to help and care about me with helping with my deepest and hardest issues. With this purchase, Deion not only delivered the crystal with the order but delivered additional products he didn't have to that I truly believe have helped me improve some important areas of my life in the love, wealth and physical social aspects. If your looking for someone who will truly care for no matter what situation you may be facing in your life then look no further then Deion because once you work with him, trust me you will never go back to anyone else.

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