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Are you sick and tried of paying for your date's dinner because he "forgot to bring his wallet"?
Do you notice some ladies seems to be able to find rich men to take care of all their needs?
Have you been trying to find that successful man to share your life but ends up dating losers?
Do you find yourself completely stuck in never ending cycle disappointing relationships?

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We all know it's not about looks. Some ladies just give off that vibe that rich man cannot resist. That is because these ladies have attracted the aide of demons, whether it was their intention or not. Now you can have advantage on your side, with this black magic ritual to your aide

I have helped many of my female friends find the rich boyfriends they dream of, there were times the spell worked too well, they ended up dating multiple wealthy man, and guess what, that attracts the attention of more wealthy men, so be warned, you might not be able to handle so many dates in week!

The first time I cast this spell was with this artist I met in college. She's a sweetheart, but somewhat introverted. She recently broke up with a cheating boyfriend and she was feeling discouraged. Shortly after casting this spell, she found a boyfriend, 5 years old then her, who is a mortgage broker. The young man was in his 20's and drives a Bentley, I know this to be true because she kept talking it. lol I also saw him pick her up on campus in his Bentley. Seriously, in a campus filled with beat up cars, that Bentley is a seriously eye catcher. Everybody was jealous of my friend when she hopped into his car.

Of course, there might be things you need to change about yourself, "Mr. Right" is not going to fall out of the sky and into your bed. Maybe you need a more positive attitude, maybe you need to update your style, maybe you need to update your dating habits, quit a few bad habits and freshen your style, let go of your ex and irrational obsessions etc. If you keep doing the same things, you would expect the same results. Your willing to change is a big part of transformation.

The demons will provide you with fresh ideas, connecting you with good people and setting you up with the right circumstance to bring you the desired outcome. They may also teach you a few lessons, some maybe be challenging, to prepare yourself to meet the challenges ahead. Remember, luck is when preparation meet opportunity. The demons will prepare you for it, the demons will provide opportunity, it is up to you to take charge and take what you want.

I am putting up this product at the request of my spirit guide. If you are reading this and feel oddly attracted to this ritual, that means your spirit guide brought you here!

The 3 demons I will be evoking to help accomplish this task .
1.) Viking Goddess Freya. She is the most powerful beauty Goddess, she will guide her follower to look beautiful, she will also give the "warrior" like confidence to interact with prospective suitors.

2.) Goetic Demon Beleth, who will teach his follower how to be - "Regal", and shroud his follower with an aura of royalty. It means an super magnetic charisma that no man can resist, and it will only attract successful and ambitious men.

3.) Goetic Demon Sitri, Sitri is a the demon of lust. Every men around Sitiri's follower will feel the strong inexplicable lustful desire towards them. I once seduced a lesbian dominatrix with the aide of Sitri, but that's a story of another time.

We can change the demons if you choose, or we can also go Arch Angel / Deity only. (Some people are sensitive to the notion of a "Demon", which basically means ancient deity that antagonized by other major religions) Other most common spirits evoked in this rituals are Lilith, Arch Angel Haniel, Roman Goddess Aphrodite, Greek Goddess Hecate... the list goes on

The ritual will go with the "One Wish Contract" ritual, the contract will state you will do your best to improve yourself, practice spiritual exercises, and pay tribute to their altar, in return, they will do everything they can to help you achieve your goal.

If you are a man looking for girlfriend / wife / life partner / soul mate, I am also happy to help you. LGBTQ friendly.

As per Etsy's Tangible good policy, You will be receiving a a written report in text of PDF as a tangible goods.

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