Hypnosis for winning the lottery jackpot. (recording) Program your unconscious mind to win! Comes with a free black magic financial blessing


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Disclaimer, please read the entire product description before purchasing! Don't ask me if this will make you win the lottery!

Ever had a dream where you see the lottery winning numbers but didn't take advantage?
Ever wonder if the lottery winner's mind is wired differently to attract good luck and unexpected fortune?
Ever want to break this self sabotaging mindset where you "feel like a loser" and stop yourself from manifesting massive amount of money?

The difference is your subconscious programming! Some people have better unconscious programming that naturally attracts abundance, some people just have a bad relationship with money. Intelligence, background or genes have nothing to do with it. It's all about their mental programming. 9 out of 10 lottery winner interviewed said they either practice a form of law of attraction, or have "this strong feeling" that they are going to win.

This hypnosis audio program will program into your mind the same unconscious programming of a lottery winner.

MSRP $199.99 The price will go up very soon! Unlike a "spell", you can keep listening to this file over and over again, with it's effect becoming stronger and stronger over time. I will keep raising the price with every sale.

In full disclosure, I am not a jackpot winner (yet), but I did manifest the things I wish for had I won the lottery. I have studied the thought pattern of lottery winners for sometime now, and I have been applying these mental processes to my daily life, and I had manifested miracles. Now, I am sharing my secret.

For sale is a professionally produced self hypnosis audio recording. Approximately 30 minutes long. it will reprogram your mind to attract massive amount of money, especially when it comes to lottery winning, listen to this recording at least twice a day and notice your financial condition improve drastically in the coming months.

it will program you to think winning thoughts. It will program you to lucid of lottery winning numbers. It will activate your "third eye" and psychic senses to visualize the winning lottery numbers. It will awaken your "Kandalini energy" so every cell of your body will become more energized like a winner. It will program your subconscious mind to let go all self sabotaging beliefs that blocks manifestation of massive abundance. It will opens all your charakas so money can flow freely into your life. It will reconnect your aura back to the life forces of earth and the universal energy source.

It also comes with all the traditional Hypnotherapy benefits. It will help you relief your stress, sleep better at night, feeling more energized in the morning, enjoying higher self esteem and confidence, feeling a sense of joy and genuine happiness that keeps you in a good mood all day long.

The best approach to manifesting money is don't think about money. I know it's counter intuitive, but trust me it works. Think instead, "what would my life be a few months after winning the lottery". The life experience you want to enjoy. Maybe it's a better family life, maybe it's a soul searching vacation, maybe it's a graduate degree you wanted to pursue but didn't have the money at the time. You will find these opportunities will start manifesting into your space, most of the time, either already paid for, or cost less than you think, or there are alternative ways to accomplish the goals without spending money. I have "car enthusiast friend who rent Ferraris and Lamborghinis and I am often invited along. I know people who rent an entire castle on Airbnb that's cheaper than a night out in New York City. If it is fine food you sought, the best food I ever tasted was from a family dinner not at a 3 star restaurant. When you program your mind to accept abundance, you will find doors starting to open, you will think of things differently, and what you thought was impossible just became readily attainable.

I don't know if you will win the lottery, it will open your mind to accept the idea of a massive amount of money is coming your way, it will open up your mind to allow limitless possibilities, it will unblock your subconscious barrier to money. A lot of time, people are stuck in the "how" in manifestation, remember, winning the lottery is just one way to become wealthy. None of the billionaires got their fortune from the lottery !

Of course, if you just sit in a couch and do nothing, then this recording won't help, but if you are actively trying to improve your money situation then this recording will do you wonder. Remember, you don't have to be poor to have financial problems, I know plenty of millionaires who always have money issues because they are stuck in a terrible mind set .

This recording was inspired by Napoleon hill, Wallace D. Wattle and Edgar Cayce. The ideas, wordings and content of this recording is the precursor of modern day "self improvement" movement. Tony Robbins, Abraham Hick, "Law of attraction", "The Secret", are all based on the teaching in this recording. In a way, this is "Law of Attraction 101"

This is not recorded with my voice, it was recorded by one of my actress friend, at the time I was still in college and struggling to make ends mean. It was originally recorded as a video, so the sound quality is not great, but it has the highest vibration, and I have had many different version of this recorded. This is the same recording I listened to for many years, and it had reprogrammed my mind from poverty to abundance, and it has manifested so much wealth for me. It is not fanciest of technology, but it produced results for me, and I want to share it with you.

Optional free bonus. If you want a financial blessing, it is included in your purchase. If your want a free money blessing
please provide the following information
your name, your date of birth, a recent picture, your preference of Angel or Demon or don't care, along with a very brief paragraph stating your financial wish, and I will send an entity to help you out.

Due to the low price of this product, I won't be able to provide consulting nor answer any emails. No follow up questions please.

You can purchase this product again if you want an extra boost or blessing from one of my spirit friends.

Limited time offer, I can only do so many free blessings a day because feeling astral exhaustion

As per Etsy's tangible good policy, you are getting a recording of a "guided meditation, mental reprogramming" in digital form

As per Etsy's terms and condition. This is for entertainment purpose only. I am selling a religious art in digital form / divination product. No Metaphysical outcome is implied or warrantied. No Refunds.

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