The Secret brainwave of manifestation. Wish fullfilled! Money, Fame and Love. black magic tool for seeing and hearing spirits


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Ever wonder why some people can easily manifest what they want, while others struggles?
Ever wonder what to know the secret trance state that will connect you with spirits?
Ever want to get into the right frequency of receiving love and abundance?

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For sale is a carefully engineered brainwave frequency that will help you enter into manifestation state of mind. This specific frequency is used by black magicians to connect with spirit, it is the perfect frequency for exercising the law of attraction, it is the frequency where religious monks had been seeking since ancient time to connect with their deity, of course, as with anything that deals with spirituality, your mileage may vary.

It is know as the "Schumann Resonance", or the natural resonance of earth. It's healing and wish fulling properties are well documented. It is also the frequency which I use to get into meditative trance state in my black magic rituals. When your mind is perfect sync with the Schumann Resonance, communicating with spirits comes easy. Your mileage may vary, of course, I can only share my own personal experiences!!

This brainwave frequency will also help you stay in a meditative state longer, with less distraction. Going to meditation is no longer a chore, just play this .wav file on your computer or your phone, and off you go. Play it while you take a walk, play it while go shopping, play it while you are at the gym. You will see you life dramatically change after using this file consistently. Ideas comes to more frequently, your awareness became more acute, you focus and concentration became laser like, you think faster, you make connection inside your brain, you you became more decisive, your anxiety and apprehension disappears. Again, your mileage may vary, but it had worked miracles for me, and I am sharing this wonderful piece of technology with you!!!

Have you seen that movie "limitless"? It's just like that, your entire brain come alive, it makes you use more percentage of your brain, except this is not a drug, and it has no side effect!!

You can listen to this on your headphone, or play it over your speakers. You can play it while you are working, or play it when you are having your quiet time, you can even play music over it. I just keep the file running on loop whenever I am working on my computer!!

This is the secret that will give you an unfair mental advantage in everything you do!!

Included in this purchase, for instant download, is the Schumann Resonance brainwave, in raw .wav file, also a few more brainwave files with relaxing music over layed, that make it easier for listening for extended period of time. Also included is a link to a secret offsite location to download a 40 minutes long, high definition sound file. the file is too big to host on Etsy so I have to host it offsite.

As per Etsy's policy, this is for entertainment purpose only, no metaphysical outcome is implied or warrantied. No medical or mental health outcome is implied or warrantied...


The volume is very low, is it normal?
all the files have a very soft hum, I purposely keep the "volume" of wave low that you can listen to the file for extended period of time. Trust me you'll thank me later. The actual resonance wave is below audible range for humans, so you won't be able to hear it anyways, the hummm sound is just white noise to let you know the wave is playing.

The files size are very large, can I covert it to MP3?
It needs to be in wave, mp3 compresses the sound wave which sounds good to the ear but it is no longer the resonance.

Do I need to listen to it on headphone?
Whatever way you choose it's fine, you can use a headphone, or you can play it over your computer speakers. I have done both and it worked fine. Whatever is easier for you.

Does it help if I use a fancy headphone / speaker?
No, fancy headphones distort the wave resonance, it sounds better for your ears but it is not longer the wav intended.

What is the best kind headphone?
See if you have get a pair of "monitor" headphone, it will present the sound "as is" but at the highest quality. Monitor headphones are the ones audio editor or DJ use to hear the sound they are broadcasting, so it is designed with the least distortion in mind

How do you listen to this audio?
I get this question a lot. It is really whatever suits your lifestyle, there is no "one way" of doing it, the advantage being that you can be in a meditative state while active. Normally, when you meditate, you get a good idea, you need to get up, find a pen write it down, etc, by the time you are ready you've forgotten the details. If you are listening to this audio while working, you will find the idea flows more naturally and directly. Sometimes I look back on work I've done while on this brainwave audio, I wonder how I got that idea. So you can listen to it while you work, while you meditate, in bed, while working out, while at yoga, while practicing piano... the possibilities are limitless. It is best use while you do something creative. Creative could mean a new way solve a problem, even if you are doing something analytical you need to be creative. If you can find a new way to interpret a data set, or a new way to rearrange an equation, or new tweak to an old formula, you will be heads and heels ahead of your peers. Remember, the easiest way for a spirit to influence in human affairs is by granting ideas. Einstein once credit a genie (a spirit) for helping him come up with the theory of relativity. He said he took a nap, a genie said something to him in his dream, then when he woke up he got it figured out.

Is this the same as Radionics or Radionic Machine?
It is similar, but uses different frequency. Radionics is more stand alone with, this product intent to amplify your brainwave. I will be putting up other radionic wave product in the near future, stay tuned! (excuse the pun)

How do I download the file?
You can download the file immediately after you made your purchase,
To access your digital files from your account:
Sign in to and go to Your account.
Go to Purchases and reviews.
Next to the order, select Download Files. This goes to the Downloads page for all the files attached to your order

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Love the music! Can't wait for things to manifest.

Powerful frequency, can see it work.

Awesome tones so relaxing sounds puts me in a relaxing state almost right away I love it very much.

Great customer service and friendly. Awaiting results

Deion is great, quick to respond, very communicative…he truly is amazing he goes beyond to help you and check up on you…his like a true friend that i never had, his genuine and care about you.Thank u so much Mr. Deion for everything you have done…will never forget you…recommend him to anyone….grateful & blessed 🥹😇

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