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Big decision?? Can't make up your mind?? Woke up all night pondering on a decision??
This divination product will help you decide!!!

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I will using the forbidden techniques of Royal Horarian Astrology to tell if you it's a good idea, tell you out right, green light or red light, base on planetary energy. Simple, direct, no BS answer.

Royal Horarian astrology calculates the movement of planets at a particular moment, thus determines the quality of specific decisions. It used to be something a king would use to decide to invade another empires! It is very complicated and exclusive that is why so few astrologer use it in modern time. It is an exclusive occult science that was kept away from you so the elites can maintain control...

For more forbidden occult listings, please visit my Etsy pattern store.

A pioneer of Royal Horarian Astrology was John Dee (1527-1608), he was the Black Magician advisor to Queen Elizabeth (the first one, from the 1560's). He used Royal Horarian Astrology to advise the court, Queen Elizabeth make many well considered decisions that turned England from a back watered country to the first world empire. Royal Horarian Astrology famously helped Queen Elizabeth defeats the Spanish Armada invasion.

Now you get it have this power with the price of lunch!

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Bonus, free! If you choose to accept.

if it is a "green light", I will then direct a spirit, demon or angel (your choice), to help watch over your project.
If it is a "red light", I will direct a spirit to help remedy the situation, so you might try approaching it again on a later date.

I host daily black magic rituals so it's no problem sending over my demon/angel friends to do a good deed.

Unlike other expert astrologers, who are often "Hedging" their opinion by giving you mixed indications, this service will give you a clear yes or no answer. This was the original intention of horatian astrology. I understand their intention, but when they hedge their answer, it only makes the client more confused. This divination product gives the clearest answer.

In the military, they like to say, "I need a no bull sh*t answer!" This is divination is made for that situation.

All we will need is the exact time when that issue first arrive in your head, or if that's not possible, the exact time you first consider this decision, or if not possible, the time you formulated the precise question, or failing all the above, I will just go with the time I received that question. I will need the exact time and location...

What you will get:
You will get two emails. first email is a quick reply, "Yes or No", or "Green light / Red light". Usually within the same day. This is because sometimes you need a quick decision right away, and I am not always sitting right by my computer to write a long report. I will give a quick read and give you a fast answer.

The second email will give you a paragraph of explanation. It is mean to be brief! Analysis leads to paralysis! if I write a 10 page report you'll be back to being confused and frozen.
The second email will also features an "Astro Score". "for example +78%" means it's a very condition, or "-20%" which is bad condition ahead. It is an unique proprietary algorithm that is patent pending and trade marked. That way it is clear to you how much astro energy is behind your decision.
The second email also include the name of spirit I am sending over, if you choose to accept, so please light a candle to welcome it into your home.

No follow up question allowed! That defeats the point of making a quick decision!

Remember "Free will" always trump Astrology! If the condition is amazing for career and you decided to not show up to work, you will still get fried! Or if the condition is bad for your relationship but the two of you decide to work it out, then nothing can stop you! Astrology is just like a weather forecast! Do what you have to do!

This is a unique offer with my special skills, no one else have this expertise! (usually astrologers don't work with spirits and black magicians don't work with astrology, sad but true!)

Sample question,
Should I take this job?
Should I take on this business venture at this time?
Should I go to graduate school?
Should I move to this new house?
Should I travel to this country for vacation?
Should I immigrate to this country?

Should I continue this relationship?
Should I ask her out?
Should I invest emotions into this gentlemen?
Should I go on this blind date?

Instruction: Once you made your purchase, write me in the email with the following, Send me the exact "yes/no" question you wish to answer for you. The exact time and location this question came up, or the time you first wrote down this question. If unable then I will use the time I receive the question to cast the chart. I will also need your full name at birth, your date of birth, your time of birth, your city of birth, and your recent pictures, (and the pictures of all applicable parties)

The best question are the ones that would make a meaningful impact in your life. "Should I do this" type of question. One concept per question. Don't ask a compound question. Don't try to game the system.

I have a lot of business clients who uses a similar service to help them make series of complex decisions. It can also be used to help you navigate your life difficult decisions. Remember, we are always a few decisions from either being a billionaire or flat broke on the street. Remember the rule of statistic strategy, if you make a lot of right decisions, then over time, you will be heads and heels over your peers. It's kind of playing black jack after mastering card counting, the odds will be stacked on your side. In the game of life, the person who makes the better decision, wins.

Another notes, if you get a "No", it doesn't necessary means don't ever walk down that path. It just means the timing is off, it could just mean your approach towards a particular goal is not prudent right now. Sometimes a perfectly good idea suffers from bad timing, or there could be a better way to achieve your goals, so go back the drawing board, give it some time, then revisit the idea down the road.

As per Etsy's terms and condition. This is for entertainment purpose only. No outcome is implied or warrantied. No refunds, although I will do everything in my power to make it right for you.

Expect the full report from 3 to 5 business days, although it would be much sooner. I will try to get you a quick "yes or no" within the same day.

If I come across a question that not suitable, or a question that's beyond my ability to answer, I will give you a full refund.

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There has been an important life decision that I've been flip flopping back and forth on and Deion has given me much needed clarity and guidance considering this very important life decision. It is funny how many of the things we're somewhat known and considered, but I was just willingly ignoring it and now I know for sure since many of the decisions were picked up in this reading. Thank You

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