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Have you been dating a lot of "eligible bachelors" but couldn't find that one guy to start a family?
Are tired of going to holiday party and family gathering alone?
Do you look at your "perfect couple" friends and wonder how they got so lucky to find each other?
Do you wish your sweetheart is there, next to you, so you can cuddle up and watch Netflix?
Did you just break up after a long relationship, and want to fill that void with a family oriented quality partner?

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MSRP $874.35 This is an introductory offer, I will raise the price very soon. (if you go to any "dating service", they charge you a few thousands to start, so this is a great offer)
As per Etsy's Tangible good policy, You will be receiving a divination report as tangible good

We all know finding the right mate is not about look, money or social status. Some ladies just give off that vibe that keeps drawing in the right guy. Some people believe there is a soul mate for everyone, I am sure you've seen some girls just keep getting lucky dating Mr. Perfect, one after another other, and some girls, no matter how hard they try, just keep getting involved with the wrong partners. That is because the successful ladies have attracted the aide of Angels, whether it was their intention or not. Now you can have advantage on your side, with this black magick* ritual to your aide.

(black magick, aka Western Ceremonial Magick, really means the practitioner works directly with a spiritual entity. It was banned by the Catholic Church because it infringes on their exclusivity on all things spiritual, it's 'black magick" because we needed to practice at night, out of sight of the church. "Black" magick doesn't mean it's evil, and yes, black magicians often work with Angels)

This ritual is intended to attract the perfect man for you, some call it your "soul mate", someone who is your perfect match, someone you need. With Arch Angel, they will bring you "the best possible solution" in any situation. In my experience, my clients will get someone who steady, loving, providing you with domestic peace and harmony. It may not be the most exciting guy, but he will be the perfect guy in the long run. Arch Angel vibrates in a frequency of high morality, so you will need to walk the righteous path to get the most benefit out of this ritual.

I've casted this spell before on one of my super model friend, she moved to a new town and don't know anyone, despite her, humm, bodily credentials, she couldn't find anyone. Shortly after I casted that spell, she decided to take a cooking class in one of those semi professional culinary institute, there she met someone whom she didn't think it was her type initially, the young man was from a different ethic background and slightly over weight, after I reminded her that she's working with Angels, she gave the young lad a chance, after a few dates, they found they have a lot in common and laughs at the same joke, and these days, the two of them are inseparable.

Of course, there might be things you need to change about yourself, "Mr. Right" is not going to fall out of the sky and into your bed. Maybe you need a more positive attitude, maybe you need to update your style, maybe you need to update your dating habits, quit a few bad habits and freshen your style, let go of your ex and irrational obsessions etc. If you keep doing the same things, you would expect the same results. Your willing to change is a big part of transformation.

The Arch Angels will provide you with fresh ideas, connecting you with good people and setting you up with the right circumstance to bring you the desired outcome. They may also teach you a few lessons, some maybe be challenging, to prepare yourself to meet the challenges ahead. Remember, luck is when preparation meet opportunity. The Angels will prepare you for it, the Angels will provide opportunity, it is up to you to take charge and take what you want.

I am putting up this product at the request of my spirit guide. If you are reading this and feel oddly attracted to this ritual, that means your spirit guide brought you here.

The 3 Arch Angels I will be evoking to help accomplish this task

1.) Arch Angel Haniel, she is the Arch Angel of Venus, she is the most amazing love spirit I ever work with, she will bring you the best relationship results. She will connect you with the right people, and set you up with the right circumstances, she will even help you transform yourself so you can be your perfect self when you meet your perfect men. Hands down, Haniel is my "go to" love spirit, for myself and for my clients.

2.) Arch Angel Zadkiel. He is the Arch Angel of Jupiter, he will bring you peace, harmony and domestic bliss. He will also take good care of your housing situation, anything that deals with harmony under a roof, Zadkiel is your "man"

3.) Arch Angel Barachiel. He is the Arch Angel of Saturn, he is also a Seraphim, that means the most powerful warrior Angel, he will protect you and your relationship from interference, with Barachiel, you will never have to worry about love spell cast on you man. Barachiel is also an expert in karma, he will open up all your blockage in your field. All the stagnation and bad karma will be eliminated when working with Barachiel. (that is, if you are a good person and do good deeds)

In General, working will Arch Angels will greatly improve your Karma. My clients also find their overall quality of life will greatly improve over time. They all experienced blessed, happy relationship and be on your way to a perfect, model family. u

We can change the Angels in the line up if you choose, or we can also switch in a Deity such as Freya or Oshun. Keep in mind Arch Angels can command demons, but we can add a "Demon" or "Djinn" at your request.

The ritual will go with the "One Wish Contract" ritual format, the contract will state you will do your best to improve yourself, practice spiritual exercises, walk the righteous path and pay tribute to their altar, in return, they will do everything they can to help you achieve your goal.

If you are a man looking for girlfriend / wife / life partner / soul mate, I am also happy to help you. LGBTQ friendly.

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Please allow 10 to 14 days to complete. May take longer during this season. I spend a lot of time consulting with my clients after they purchased, just my time itself is worth the money.

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