Demonic haunted House with Love Djinn Gemory in resident - Black Magick ritual, witchcraft, wicca, love spell, money spell, good luck


This is a haunted miniature toy house. Demon Goddess Gemory resides in this house. It serves as a portal between your life and Gemory. Gemory is a love Demon who helps people find love, especially reconnect with lost love or missed connection. This house can be used as an altar all itself.

Over 5 years of magick working have been casted on this one particular house, using western ceremonial magic. (aka black magick) It had help me reunited with a past lover, as well as brought me many romantic adventures. In a dream Gemory told me sell her house, that way she can gain more human experience, so I am putting it on Etsy.

MSRP $6783.34USD Enchanted magical items used by powerful black magician in ritual are high sort after, that is because over time, the item has became ritual enchanted. That means the spirit are accustomed the item as portal to go and out of the human world, the spirit also store their energy in the item, along with the magician's knowledge of the astral world. Not only is it easier to conjure a spirit with enchanted item, the spirit is much friendlier and willing to help. A lot of my clients had found owning my enchanted item had lead them to much closer relationship with their companion spirit.

As per Etsy policy, Items with a metaphysical outcome are prohibited. So no metaphysical outcome is promised nor implied. I am selling this as a piece of enhanced art work.

I am implying this item as an artistic religious item as much as a wooden cross or a statue of Jesus.

I can tell you my experience with Gemory. This is my personal experience, as I comply with Etsy policy, your personal experience may vary.

Benefits of having Demon Gemory in my life
Gemory helped me manifest romantic and lustful relationship into my life, your personal experience may vary.
Having had this artifact in my house, the effect of having Gemory in my life grew more powerful over time. It's like having a friend, friendships will grow and become more powerful. After a while, I didn't even need to ask her for favors, she would intuitively know what I need and helped me out.
It was, in my opinion, a gateway between my world and the astro plane.
It was, in my opinion, a point contact between myself the Demon (Goddess) Gemory
It had, in my opinion, invited the continuous companionship with Goddess Gemory
It can easily store light offerings I tributed this goddess.
Because an ancient Goddess is always looking out for me, she helped to accelerate my law of attraction practice. no metaphysical outcome implied
Gemory is also a money demon, she specialize in helping me find money in areas I've over looked, Gemory is also very good at returning money I've lost, even money I've never considered lost before. Again, no metaphysical outcome implied.

I started having dreams with Gemory speaking to me, offering her advise. She manifest herself to me, several times, as a young lady, she has reddish blonde hair, very pretty, with black lipstick like a goth girl. Very bubbly and fun and even have a sense of humor. She even manifest herself as a succubus in my dreams. Details not suitable for public broadcast.

As per Esty policy, I cannot tell you what to expect as a metaphysical outcome, but this is how I used it for my benefit.

How I use the Artifact.
I placed it in my room, in the north west corner whenever possible.
I took good care of the haunted house, I am inviting an ancient spirit to be my friend.
When I made offerings for this spirit, I stored it inside the house. It could be coins I found it could be a pendant or a nice watch. It could be a poem I wrote.
I wrote my petition in question form, and store it on the "roof" compartment. A question form could be, "what do i have to do to meet Mr. / Ms X again" or "What energy do I have to give out to attract better job"
I have an "altar space", set up for Gemory, place the haunted house on the altar space. It could be as simple as a cutting board, not everybody have space in their house. There I could make more offerings to Gemory. Also unlike a haunted doll, this is won't draw any unwanted attention

Gemory likes make up, lipstick, perfume and other girly items as offerings.

when it was safe, I light candles or burn some incense for Gemory at her altar.
The artifact is the ritual embodied. Having said that, it didn't hurt to host regular rituals.
I always have positive vibration around the artifact, it amplified my vibration and turn it into reality.
Demons will arrange circumstances to bring you a path to succeed. I needed to take physical action to take advantage of opportunities Gemory presented to me. I even needed to spend some money to achieve my goals, don't be cheap. Didn't wait for it to drop into my lap, go get it, Gemory was there to help me along. Meditate next to the haunted house as often as possible, or at least once a week. or sit next to the altar if i couldn't hold attention for long.
Gemory's time is Tuesday evening. Best do a ritual then, but any time is good, as long as I spend time with her.
Gemory is perfect fine if I also practice Christianity/ Catholicism and or work with other spirits or religion, as long as I give her my respect.
I learn not order Gemory around, never be rude or obnoxious, never be negative to Gemory,

Once again this haunted house was heavily ritualized over a year of intense ceremonial magic. It is heavy charged with Astro energy. (again, no metaphysical outcome implied, just telling you what I did here as a ceremonial craftsman) Gemory is the most responsive "demon" I've worked with, she's sweet, energetic, sympathetic, understanding, and she'll do her best to get me what I want, even when I missed a few obvious clues. When working with Gemory, I can expect a flow of new ideas coming to me, sometimes I would feel a force nudging me in a new direction, sometimes I find circumstances fall into place to bring you what you want. There could be a period of readjustment when you invite a "demon" into my life, I experienced rough batches of luck. That's normal. For example, I had a string a failed business deals earlier this month, but it lead me to a hotel where I accidentally ran into this girl whom I had lost touch but was obsessed for many years. Once again, this was just my personal experience. No outcome implied as per Etsy terms of service.

All sales are final. For sale is the toy sized house only. Other items you see in the pictures were ritualistic offerings and not included!
Disclaimer, as per Etsy's policy. This is for entertainment purpose only. No warranty or guarantee. No Metaphysical outcome implied.

Ps Gemory is sometimes spelled as Gremory or gomory,

ps. Do you have a demon/spirit you want to have in your life? Or even a specialized spirit for your purpose? I can do the same ritual art with a different model house. Please email me for a custom religious ART product.

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