12 Year Pact with a Demon (or any spirit of your choice) for Fame, Fortune, Unlimited Romantic Partners.


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Ever wonder why some people are just born lucky and some people struggle despite a life time of hard work? Some people just get all the luck no matter bad they behave while other people get stuck in poverty despite being a good person?

I will create a binding contract between yourself and an entity of your choice.

Once I received your order, I will host a black magick ritual to evoke that spirit, and bind that entity to your soul. Your body will become a portal for that spirit to enter and exit the human physical world.

Warning: this is *not* for everyone.

I will present what you offer in exchange for what you ask for. Once accepted, I will draft and create that contract using the most advanced ceremonial magick. It will be up to you to put your final signature at the bottom of the contract. If you don't sign the contract within 14 days of receiving it, the soul contract is considered void. This way if you buy the contract and back out the last minute, no changes are made in you life. (no refunds though!)

This is a 12 year long version of the pact (aka soul contract). Also know as short contract for my previous clients. The pact itself can be between 10 to 20 years, depends on the placement of your birth chart. The duration of the contract will be the best possible for your situation. Longer is not better and shorter is not bad. The spirit you choose will be your companion for the said duration, connecting you with opportunities to succeed. Different people have different needs, 12 year contract clients are usually beginner to black magick contracts, or they wish to work with multiple spirits during their life time, or a major transition in their astral energy is upcoming, and best to change their patron spirit to make best use of energy. Or they anticipate a major change in career mid life. Everybody are different. I can definitely advise you on your options on base on the indicator your birth chart. At the end of the pact, the client can choose to renew their commitment with the spirit, or part ways.

Nobody owns your soul but you, but the Demon will ask you to do things for it as a term of this contract. Most of the time, the Spirits will send task to you that is appropriate at your station in life. The more you do the spirits, the more rewards you will receive. A lot of people would hold back on this issue, but trust me, once you received a reward from these spirits, you will want to do more for them.

You are also giving permission to an infernal entity to rearrange your life in order to receive a particular outcome.

The demon will take very good care of you in exchange. Fame, fortune, all the love in the world. The demon will also teach you to think and act a certain way. (aka walking a "Path") You'll have to do favors for the Demon, most of the time, you won't realize you are doing it. You may be asked to work for the demon afterlife, depends if you have paid your debt in full during life time.

All Soul contracts are final and irrevocable. It is possible to ask God or Jesus for help getting out a contract, and even if that were to happen, you will pay for the debt incurred, usually through major misfortune.

Please note it is a big commitment for the demon to take you on as their disciples, so not all soul contracts are accepted. If you are a loser and just sit around and wait to hit the lottery, then no demons (or angels) will help you. If a demon rejects your offer I will give you a full refund.

My part is just to connect you and the demon for this contract .

The following entities told me they would accept soul contracts. Satan, Lucifer, Lucifer/Clauneck (they are together for this working), lucifuge rofocale, Beleth, Baphomat, Freya (yes, she did, I was surprised too), Lilith, Oshun, Gemory, Aciel, Belial, Bathin, Sitri, Bathin, Vaul, Zepar, Orais, Set, Mammon, belphegor, Azazel, Hakkate, Perstephanie, Astaroth. Bune. Santa Muerte. Valak. Valefor If you have a entity you wish to enter into a soul contract, let me know and I'll see if it can be done.

Please Note, Satan, Lucifer and Lucifuge Rofocale are very strict and demanding demons, but also very powerful. Do some research before entering into a contract with them.

Yes, you can enter into multiple contracts. The debt will also accumulate. I am not the one to judge you.

Also you won't go to "Hell" with an unfulfilled contract, but you will have to settle the balance, so to speak, before you can get to pearly gate.

Yes you can pact with Angels and Arch Angels. It is known as a "Guardianship", I have performed that ritual regularly and it produces great results. Infact, more people have opted for Arch Angel Guardianship than working with demons. If you are new to working with spirits, I recommend working with Arch Angels.

Please note when you are contacting me, you are contacting that spirit's representative on Earth. I am not just saying that to sound important. These spirits can read your email and they can read you intent. Please be respectful. You won't believe how many times someone said something disrespectful in the email and I can feel the demon's astral wrath immediately. If you are not sure, or have any doubt at all, take sometime to think it through before contacting me. When you approach a spirit, you must be resolute, decisive and be absolutely certain that you are "In" 100%. It is not uncommon for a spirit to take any spark of doubt and test your faith in them.

Please note, I receive hundreds of emails a day, so time is very precious to me. Priority is given to paying clients. If you require extensive consulting, please purchase the "Expert consulting on Black Magick" product, that way I know you are serious.

Please note; I am the first black magician to offer spirit contracts, I am not saying this store is better than anybody, I am just saying if other store's product listing look a lot like this one, we know where they got it from. I am allow to brag a little, right?

As per Etsy's terms of service. For entertainment only. No metaphysical out come implied or warrantied. You are buying a piece of my original, religious art work as tangible good. No refunds.

Please allow 14 to 21 days to complete. I spend a lot of time consulting with my clients after they purchased, just my time itself is worth the money.

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