Soul pact with 72 demons of the Ars Goetia. Extreme Ritual of Power. Binding spell. Money Spell, love spell, career spell, wicca witchcraft


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This is for serious occultist only! Too powerful for ordinary people.
MSRP $39550, limited time only, I can only host this ritual twice a year.

I will perform a 7 day ritual that will bind your soul to all the 72 demons featured in the ars goetia.
I will summon all the demons in your name, then bind you to that spirit.
It will be the 72 demons from the Ars Goetia. The same 72 Demons King Solomon used to build his empire. (or we can make some substitution)

As per Etsy's Tangible good policy, You will be receiving a divination report of the ritual, in PDF file, as tangible good.

The ritual is free bonus! (as per Etsy policy)

Note. Ritual be done by Deion. Yes, that Deion, if you don't believe me send Deion a message / email. He will confirm.
(Deion is a male black magician, FYI for our regular FHRA clients.)

It is a very intense experience that will open up your life to unlimited possibilities.

There will be an insane amount of astral energy going through your body and mind.

It is up to you to direct that energy.

You will have an Ethereal Army of Demon Kings at your service

Use this Energy to manifest multiple romantic partners, political power, extreme wealth

Many ultra successful people have similar rituals done for them, at multiple points in their life.

King Solomon did this ritual at multiple times in his life, he binded himself with the same 72 demons.

I know a popular singer artist who spend over a million dollar on these rituals a year. For trademark reason I can't say the name, but it is routine for high net worth people to work with high end rituals like this one. Up until now, these type of exclusive royalty level privileges are not available for the outsiders, that is why powerful people remains powerful and average people remains average.

It was very well documented.

If you don't know what it means to have 72 demons binded to you, this is probably not for you.

but if you want to take your occult power to the next level, you need this powerful ritual done for you.

Another reason for this ritual is to develop your Astral senses, ascend, and be known in the spirit world.

Astral senses means that you can hear and see spirits. Have a conversation with Demons, and receive them as friends.

Being adept at hosting rituals makes you a witch, having your astral sense full developed makes you a true black magician.

Speaking on my own experience, My occult power had grown leaps and bounds since I performed this ritual. It happened quite naturally, I still have to do a lot of work, had a lot of bumps on my way here, but still, here I am.

Is is better if you do this ritual yourself? Absolutely! but why haven't you done so already?

No time? No space? Don't want your spouse to know? Live in a religious town?

This ritual is also very exhausting, mentally taxing actually, you will experience extreme astral strain. If you do the ritual yourself you maybe too exhausted to go back to work for weeks or months, for a lot of my highly successful billionaire clients, it is not an option, so they hire me to perform these massive rituals.

Also this ritual will open up the gates of hell, do you really want this to happen in your house?

The last time I hosted this ritual in my living room, the building's water heater exploded, the college girl downstairs over dosed on opioid, and all 3 cars in the parking lot won't start and needed to be towed. This other time I performed the ritual, my house was invaded by millions of flies, just like the exorcist movie, except it's even a larger swarm than what you see in the movie! There were so much flies they literally blocked all sunlight from entering my apartment!

I will have to host this ritual in a motel room. It is just too chaotic.

If you start this ritual and never finished, it will bring you eternal bad luck. It happened with Alister Crowley. Read his biography, he actually brought a house in Scotland to perform this ritual, but stopped half way because he need to take care of some personal business, his life went into a nose dive after failure to finish a this super massive ritual.

Now you have an experienced Black Magician taking care of the details. This ritual will take at least 4 weeks of my time, a full week of preparation, a full week of rituals, then a full week of extreme exhaustion. It is possible that it would take years off my life.

If the idea of binding yourself to one Demon appeals to you, now you can bind yourself to 72 demons.

Please note I cannot entice people into pacts with a spirit. You must love the spirits and willing to work hard towards you goals, while appreciating the help of the demons along the way. That is why I may seems a little cold when you contact me. The people who brought this ritual knows exactly what they want and made the purchase immediately.

I can add extra spirits to this ritual at a rate of $65/Spirit, it can be any Angel, Demon, Djinns, Deity ... etc. Subject to approval. I have the right to decline this offer if a particular spirit decline to be included in the ritual. I have had clients who asked to be binded to every spirits from every pantheon ever known to humanity, so that option is on the table for the most distinguished occultists. That ritual took months to complete.

It is also possible I host this ritual for a small group, no more than 12 people. Perfect for small company, fraternity or sorority, board of directors, elite group of traders etc.. or a group of occult enthusiast. For 12 people it would be around $333.33 USD per person. Less than a night in Vegas.

BONUS. For a limited time only.
You will receive a full year of 9 planet energy invigoration rituals. (52 weekly rituals)
one full year of weekly hex protection rituals. (52 weekly rituals)
one full year of monthly beautiful relationship / loving family life rituals (12 monthly rituals)
one full year of monthly wealth creation rituals (12 Monthly rituals)
one full year of monthly Spiritual Evolution rituals (12 Monthly Rituals)
one full year of monthly "Third eye opening" energy rituals.
3 months of personal mentorship with Deion
10 weekly energy reiki session with Deion
A collection of 9 pieces of unique digital art work by Deion, including rights to resell.
50% off e-courses on black magick.
50% off e-courses on Hypnosis
30% off live training courses on hypnotherapy certification courses. (those courses can run upwards of $4500.00 USD)
Discount for products and services
Plus much more!
In short, you will receive the benefit of this powerful ritual with 72 demons, a full year of massive powerful rituals, huge discount on future educational products and seminars. (it is possible that you will save more money than you spend!) Digital Art work you can resell, expert mentorship from the person who created this ritual. All for about 10 dollars a day.
Hurry, though, due to inflation and the raising cost of doing business, this deal will only be available for one more customer.
If you are reading this right now, that means your spirit guide brought you here. The people who knows me well will know that my availability is extremely limited. If someone buy this before you do, that means you will have to wait forever for the next chance to buy. Many clients told me they felt this overwhelming energy flowing through them when they read this listing, that means it is an invitation from the spirit world. Don't miss this limited opportunity to change your life today.

As per Etsy's policy, this is for entertainment purpose only, no metaphysical outcome is implied or warrantied!

List of Demons to be evoked in this ritual
• Aamon
• Agares
• Aim
• Alloces
• Amaymon
• Amdusias
• Amy
• Andrealphus
• Andromalius
• Asmodeus
• Astaroth
• Baal
• Bael
• Balam
• Barbatos
• Bathin
• Beleth
• Belial
• Bifrons
• Botis
• Buer
• Bune

• Caim
• Corson
• Crocell
• Dantalion
• Decarabia

• Eligos

• Flauros
• Focalor
• Foras
• Forneus
• Furcas
• Furfur
• Gaap
• Gamigin
• Gemory
• Glasya-Labolas
• Gusion
• Haagenti
• Halphas

• Ipos

• Kimaris

• Leraje

• Malphas
• Marbas
• Marchosias
• Morax
• Murmur

• Naberius

• Orias
• Orobas
• Ose

• Paimon
• Phenex
• Purson

• Raum
• Ronove

• Sabnock
• Sallos
• Seere
• Shax
• Sitri
• Stolas
• Surgat

• Valac
• Valefar
• Vapula
• Vassago
• Vepar
• Vine
• Vual

• Zagan
• Zepar
• Ziminiar

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