Online Hypnosis Session - Spiritual Counselling


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Online Hypnosis session with a focus on spiritual counselling, black magick development, Law of Attraction Manifestation, peak performance programming. etc.

Session be done by whatsapp/skype via voice chat.

Topics include
Spiritual Counselling for difficult time.
Past Life Regressions
Future Life Progressions
Astral Sense Development
Third Eye opening
Psychic Power development
Binding pacts with spirits
Law of Attraction mindset programming
Unstoppable confidence.
Stress relief and sleep better
Goddess's power through mindset.
Dream programming
DNA Programming
Peak Performance programming
plus much more.
Keep checking this list for more session topics.
Price quoted for a 90 minute session. Plus consultation before and after the session.
Multiple Sessions discount packages available.

Legal Disclaimer. For entertainment purpose only. Makes NO claim of Medical / Mental Health benefits. Please consult a health care provider for your medical needs.

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