Sell your soul to Satan for fame, fortune and multiple romantic partners. Eternal Contract with demon of your choice.


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Eternal Soul Contract with Satan or a demon of your choice.

Ever wonder why some people are just born lucky and some people struggle despite a life time of hard work? Some people just get all the luck no matter bad they behave while other people get stuck in poverty despite being a good person?

MSRP $15399.84, Last one at this price!

Warning, this is not everyone. If you are just starting out on your black magick path, please do NOT choose Satan as your first patron.

This product is for someone who is already very successful, but want Satan to take you to the next level. Maybe you are a mid level management who wants to become a CEO? Maybe you are a successful writer and wants to become the next best seller? Maybe you own a small company and aspired to go public? Whatever your aspiration, this ritual product will take you to the top 1% of your chosen field.

I will create a binding contract between yourself and Satan, or another entity of your choice. Usually an inferno demon.

As Per Etsy's Tangible Good policy, you are getting a custom divination report in PDF file. you will also receive a custom hypnosis guided meditation audio file, a subliminal audio file for motivation, and a custom brainwave audio file synchronized to receive this positive divine vibration.

As per Etsy's terms of service. For entertainment only. No metaphysical out come implied or warrantied. You are buying a piece of my original, religious / divinatory literary art work as tangible good. No refunds .

Once I received your order, I will host a ritual and evoke that entity into my magic circle. This is a ritual Satan himself taught me. He asked me to bring quality people into his circle, and I will be rewarded for my service. So far, Satan had been keeping his promise.

An "eternal contract" spans a few life times, typically 200 to 300 years. Satan will make sure it work out so well for you, that he will send a messager to ask you to renew your contract once the time is up. (I know because Satan had asked me to deliver such message a few times) If you are reading this message now and a feel an strange attraction to I have I offer, that means you had a contract with Satan before and you were lead here by Satan to renew your commitment. The benefit of this length of contract is so Satan can line you up for success in the long time, that a decision you make today, will come to fruition many years down the road. While 10, 20 years are terribly long for humans, for a spirit like Satan, it is less than the blink of the eye.

This is NOT for everybody

If I seems a little harsh when I talk to you during the process, it is because I cannot entice you into signing a contact with Satan. While I appreciate your business, my client is not you, my client is Satan. Keep in mind, when you contact me for this ritual product, you are contacting Satan's representative on earth. He is reading your email, as well as your thoughts. While I am just a regular guy going on with his business, you don't want to draw Satan's ire. Last thing you want is to be taught a lesson on respect by the King of Hell.

I have a lot of experience working with Satan now, in my observation, the people who have a contract with Satan generally live a happy, productive life in great relationships.

This ritual product is NOT for people who sits around and wait to hit the lottery, this product is NOT for people who feel entitled to things just show up without working for it. You won't believe how many emails I got everyday asking "How soon can I win the lottery after signing the contact".

This ritual product is for people who knows what they want in life and willing to do whatever it take to achieve. This product is for people who are willing to leave their comfortable zone and take serious risk. This product is for people who have the mental fortitude to face the harsh truth about their shortcoming and make changes.

This is not for everybody.

You will be entering the highest level of spiritual union with Satan. This is not your usual "pact" with a demon. This requires you work, and perform for Satan. In General there are 3 levels of "Pact", 1 st level is "devotion", people who worship their demon and dance around a candle and chant mantras all day. The 2nd level is "sacrifice", aka giving energy to the demon, for example they will place expensive items on the altar, or build a temple for the demon, etc. The highest level, which is this is about, is Service, you will be expected to work for Satan and "walk his path". The more service you offer Satan, the more reward you will receive. That's why they called it "sell your soul" in the medieval time. The concept of employee or contractor doesn't exist back then, you are either a lord of a slave. These days we have a better understanding of productivity.

The demon will take very good care of you in exchange. Fame, fortune, all the love in the world. The demon will also teach you to think and act a certain way. (aka walking a "Path"). Satan will set you up in seemingly random circumstances where you will get the best chance to succeed. He will introduce special people into your life, give you ideas, energy and resources. Many of the ideas will be unconventional ways. He will also teach you, sometimes through harsh lessons, how to achieve what your desired outcome. If you want to speak to another spirit, you just need to ask Satan he'll go get that spirit for you. How much you will gain really depends on how well you took advantage of the opportunities Satan gives you.

You'll have to do favors for the Demon, most of the time, you won't realize you are doing it. Sometimes, a demon would set up circumstances in an event for you to act a certain way. As a consequence of a butterfly effect, it would effect an out come that benefits the over plans of a demon. The typical client for this product will already in a position of power and influence in society, or on their way to to do so, as such, you will be put into position where the demon can best use you. Remember, the more Satan uses you, the more rewards you will get.

Nobody owns your soul but you. Demons can't take your soul. You won't go to hell. Hell is something religious people made up to manipulate the mass. Pope Francis recently admitted there is no "hell". Google it and read it yourself.

Soul contracts are final and irrevocable. It is possible to ask God or Jesus for help getting out a contract, and even if that were to happen, you will pay for the debt incurred, usually through major misfortune .

Please note it is a big commitment for the demon to take you on as their disciples, so not all soul contracts are accepted. If you are a loser and just sit around and wait to hit the lottery, then no demons (or angels) will help you. If a demon rejects your offer I will give you a full refund.

My part is just to connect you and the demon for this contract.

The following entities told me they would accept soul contracts. Satan, Lucifer, Lucifer/Clauneck (they are together for this working), lucifuge rofocale, Beleth, bethomat, Freya (yes, she did, I was surprised too), Gemory, Aciel, Belial, Bathin, Sitri, Bathin, Vaul, Zepar, Orais, Set, Mammon, Belphegor, Azazel, Beelzebub, Hakkate, Perstephanie, Astaroth. Bune. Santa Muerte. Valak. Valefor If you have a entity you wish to enter into a soul contract, let me know and I'll see if it can be done.

This level of soul contract best serves the "King of Hell" class of demon, so Satan, Lucifer, Azazel, Arciel, Lucifuge Rofocale ... etc. Not going to list everybody here.

Yes, you can enter into multiple contracts. The debt and "strain" will also accumulate. I am not the one to judge you.

Please allow 21 to 28 days to complete. This is a week long ritual. I spend a lot of time consulting with my clients after they purchased, just my time itself is worth the money. I have worked with Satan for a long time now, not just dancing around a fire and shouting mantra kind of work, but actual transaction with Satan, and his mentor ship over the years. He asked me to represent him on earth for this particular task. I do things for him, he does things for me, everybody happy.

MSRP $15399.84. Introductory offer. This is the one and only "spell" you need, once you sign the contract, you life will be all set, and your future life will be all set. If you need anything magical after signing the contract, just ask Satan and he'll get it for you.

As per Etsy's terms of service. For entertainment only. No metaphysical out come implied or warrantied. You are buying a piece of my original, religious art work as tangible good. No refunds.

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