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Ever wonder why some items brings people good luck?
Notice some people always got what they want when wearing a special crystal?
Ever wonder why something you wear makes you more attractive?

That is because there is a spirit inside that item!

A lot very successful people know this secret to success, but this knowledge was kept in secret, only the elite can possess these powerful items.

Until now.

If you pay close attention to billionaire, they are always wearing one or two item that seems out of touch with their fashion sense, that is because it is a spirit binded with that item.

As a black magician, I get super rich clients asking me for enchanted all the time. I often get asked to bind a spirit into some expensive items, such as diamond rings, high end fashion, special crystal pendant etc. In fact, there is a long line of very expensive items waiting to be binded at my sacred altar.

Now I want to share this secret forbidden magick with you!

MSRP $485.43USD Limited time offer. New Product special
As per Etsy's Tangible good policy, You will be receiving a divination report of the ritual, in PDF file, as tangible good.
Note. Ritual be done by Deion. Yes, that Deion, if you don't believe me send Deion a message / email. He will confirm.
(Deion is a male black magician, FYI for our regular FHRA clients.)

As per Etsy's term of service on tangible goods,
You will receive a report in text or PDF file as tangible good.

For sale is a custom black magick ritual, where I will bind a spirt of your choice to a item of your choice. (I can consult on which spirit is best for which item/occasion/purpose). I will send my energy though astral space to the item in your possession, that way we don't have to ship things back and forth. I will need a picture of the item and a picture of you (or the person who will be in using the item, if it is a gift) . I will then place those pictures at my alter and cast the binding spell as if the real item was there.

The spirit will then use that item as their portal to enter and exit your world, at the same time helping you achieve your goals and desires. The spirit will find ways improve your charisma, influence the thoughts of people around you, direct your attention to money making opportunities, place you at the right place at the right time, protect you from dangers, etc. Please note, magick means spirits brings you opportunity to succeed, you still have to do your part to make best of the opportunity. It's not like the movies, things don't just pop up in your room. Having said that, the owner of such enchanted items will find themselves enjoying an unfair advantage in life.

As per Etsy's Tangible Good Policy.
You will receive a report in text or PDF file as tangible good.

I can also bind a mass quantity of items, at a different price point. Usually that is for commercial purposes. I have a few professional witches ask me to enchant a large group of item, such as candles, scented oils, etc. There is a chance you are already using a Deion enchanted item!

I have also been contracted by a few corporations to bind a lot out going merchandise, that way the costumer will feel the loving energy and the urge to go back. Ever wonder why some business are more successful than others even they sell the same products? because of black magick! If you are not using black magick to best your competition, your competition are using black magick to best you. I would be happy to enchant your merchandise, at a different price point. Consider these variations of this listing.

After purchasing, I will need your full name at birth, your date of birth, your time of birth (it's on your birth certificate). Your recent pictures, preferably clear head shots, pictures of the item you want me to bind, a picture of you using the item (if possible). If it a gift, please send as much information as possible.

Common item requested to be bind
Crystals, rings, pendants, items of clothing, undergarments, glasses, lipsticks, cosmetic items, watches, walking sticks, shoes, high heels, skirts, stockings, perfume, hair sprays, shampoos, eatable items, water, drinks, toys, dolls, bottles (hence genies in the bottle, the legend is true!). The sky is the limit, I am often surprised by my client's imagination. Please note, there are some items a certain type of spirit won't bind, if that's the case I'll let you and we'll come up with a different solution.

For a different listing, I can also bind spirits to much larger items, such as a house, a car, a piece of land, your private jet, your yacht, etc. I can even bind a spirit to a business, or even a nation. those are a massive rituals and deserves a different listing and higher price point.

Spirits commonly evoked for binding. Bune (wealth), Sitri (seduction), Beleth (an aura of royality), Lilith (domination, seduction, hypnosis), Freya (confident, feminine power, beauty), Clauneck (wealth), Jesus, Angels (I can advise you on which one) Sandalphon (career, business, "road opening"), Haniel (love, family, abundance), Zadkiel (housing, domestic issues, travel), Raziel (study, wisdom, intelligence, mental discipline) Bathin (travel, housing), Aphrodite (beauty, charisma), The Fox Goddess (Charisma, Money.) Satan, Lucifer, Azael, Oshun, Ra, Baphomet, Beelzabub... the list goes on. If your favorite spirit is not on the list, let me know and I will make it available. If you don't know which spirit to pick, I can pick one for you.

Case study, Elena (not her real name) came to the United States from an Eastern European country. She was a classically trained musician but have a hard time adjusting to the brash American culture. She asked me what magick can be done for her, so I binded Freya into a Emerald pendent she can wear. At first, she didn't feel any difference, but she noticed people around her became much nicer to her, that gave her time to develop her confidence. She later found a part time gig where she tutored a rich family's children, from there she got connection to land her a job as a performing artist at a local orchestra. She told me only at her first recital, she realize she haven't taken off the pendent since I gave it to her.

John (not his real name) just brought a custom shirt from a fine clothing store, it was his first ever tailored shirt. He asked me to bind the spirit of Arch Angel Raziel. He later wore that shirt to a job interview, the CEO was so impressed with John's credential he got offered a better job he interviewed!

Amber (not her real name) is recently single and want to get back to dating scene, but her blind dates haven't been working out. She asked me to bind her favorite bottle of perfume with Lilith. She wore that perfume to a speed dating event the next day, she got a lot of attention but didn't find the man she was looking for. Later that month, she noticed a coworker kept stealing glances her way. With the power of Lilith channeling through her, she told that coworker to go out with her, and they have been dating ever since. Turns out Amber is the type of lady who enjoys being in control and Lilith gave her that extra boost of confidence. She later told me that she had been wearing that bottle of perfume all that time.

Of course, I can't take credit for all their success. They put in a lot of hard work to get to where they are today, but they did acknowledge that their luck changed for the better once they started using Deion's Enchanted items. Magick will give you an unfair advantage, but you still have to do your part in order for the wish to come true.

As per Etsy's term of service,
You will receive a report in text or PDF file as tangible good.

As per Etsy's policy. For entertainment only. No metaphysical out come implied or warrantied. No refunds.

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