Love Spell "Tip Jar" plus a romantic blessing. Good luck spell. Energy boosting black magic ritual. using the "non attachment" principle


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Make a wish! This is a fast, fun, and easy approach to black magick*.
(Please read through the entire product description before ordering! )

Also, a few people suggested I should start a "Tip Jar" on my store, I thought I would make it fun.

This listing is especially for someone who need a fast energy boost with their love life. Maybe you are going on a date tonight, maybe you are about to ask someone out, maybe you needed a boost in online dating, maybe you are in a long term relationship and in need of a quick spark.

Note. Ritual be done by Deion. Yes, that Deion, if you don't believe me send Deion a message / email. He will confirm.
(Deion is a male black magician, FYI for our regular FHRA clients.)
As per Etsy's term of service,
You will receive a report in text or PDF file as tangible good.

I am going to evoke a love entity into your space, and the spirit may intervene by giving a fresh idea, or some information may come into your space, or you may get a nudge on where to go, or someone may enter into your space. They may also set you with circumstances to succeed. It will be up to you to take advantage of the opportunities given to you. The love of your life will probably not pop up in your bed. Just keeping the expectation real. You still have to take massive action in the physical world to make things happen, but sometimes all it takes is a small idea, and you are on your path to getting what you want.

Basic principle of manifestation, the mood of which when you make the wish is what you are going to get as a result. In another word, whatever you were feeling at the time you made your wish, will get amplified and materialize in the physical world. If you are happy and loving and grateful when you make the wish, more of those circumstance will appear into your life. If you are obsessed and vengeful when you make your wish, more of those circumstance will appear into your life.

For your blessing, I will need, as much as possible, the following information.
Your full name at birth, your date of birth, your time of birth, your city of birth, and a recent picture.
I will also need you to tell me if you prefer an Angelic or Demonic (non Christian) entity, or no preference.
and a short, 2 or 3 sentence "wish" petition.
Write your wish from the perspective of your wish full filled, with infinite gratitude. For example, if you want to date a man with good value and family aspirations, write your wish out as "Thank you for showing me where to find my perfect man with good family value." etc. Or if you are completely stuck in your dating life, maybe you can ask for a lesson, "thank you for showing me how to approach and talk to ladies I meet in a social situation." I find a lot of people remain single not because they are ineligible to be in relationship, but because they never acquired the skills to get into a romantic relationship or maintain healthy relationships. Remember, the energy you send out when you make your wish will be the energy you receive, so make sure you are feeling happy, loved and peaceful when you make you wish. I know it is difficult for some people, but you can "act as if" you are feeling good, then go back to whatever you were feeling if that state of mind don't work. Trust me, it works.

As soon as I received the the information, I will summon the entity in my mind, and deliver your message to the spirit world.

You can also ask for a blessing on behalf of someone else, in that case I will send an Arch Angel to help them out.

You can also ask for multiple and or repeated wishes.

The entity evoked will go into your space and keep an eye on you.

You are also welcome to request a "free wish", just send me a message on Etsy. Keep in mind the energy you put in is directly proportional the result you get.

This idea of a "wishing well" was given to be by my spirit guide, if you are reading this right now and feel oddly attracted to this idea, that means your spirit guide brought you here. We humans are summoning spirits as much as spirits are summoning us.

You will likely receive a new idea to solve your problem, or a misplace book may pop up in your space, or a random search on the internet may give you a new insight. You may also feel a prompting to do something un related, but months and years down the road, proved to be pivotal to your succeed.

It is important to note that it is completely up to you to make things happen in the physical world. Spirits will help you along the way but they won't do things for you. The spirits will only help the people who help themselves.

You may also experience a few "glitches in the matrix", something out of the ordinary happens, like a bus driver missing a turn, or things slightly out of place.

The blessing may also comes in forms of protection. We are often protected from a lot of elements we never considered. Maybe your blind date bailed on your but turns out he is a serial killer. etc.

The blessing will also take form in a strange co incidences, or events that are already in motion but unbeknownst to you, turn out in your favor.

Also look out for coins in the ground, always pick up a free penny. Believe me I've found so much money on the floor. (your mileage may vary!)

Always be in a state of gratitude, always think positive, always be in a state of "reception". I see a lot of people spending countless hours and resources casting spells, hosting rituals, summoning every entity know to humanity, but they never spend a second to receive their blessings. Learn to receive!

I am already getting a lot of positive feedback from this spell, and the listing had only been up fora week! It's because of the "non attachment" principle. Most of the time, people are too attached to the out come, more specifically, people are too attached to "how" their wish will manifest, that they unconsciously sabotage their results. With this spell, you can just "wish it and forget it". Most people don't even realize their wish was full filled until much later. This is also an excellent tool for you to practice wishing and receiving. Fine tuning your asking voice and calibrating your receiving senses.

Once again, this is mean to be fun, fast and easy! Due to the low price of this product, I won't be able to provide consulting nor answer any emails. No follow up questions please.

As per Etsy's tangible good policy, you will receive divination thank you note from me, stating that your wish had been delivered to the spirit, in text.

As per Etsy's terms and condition. This is for entertainment purpose only. I am selling a religious art in digital form / divination product. No Metaphysical outcome is implied or warrantied.

* "Black Magick" in the tradition of Western Ceremonial Magick, means the magician works directly with a spiritual entity. It does not mean evil. In the medieval days, anyone caught practicing rituals not sanctioned by the Catholic church will meet an unpleasant demise, so magicians have to practice at night, out of sight, that's why it's called "Dark Magick", over time we just called it black magick.

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