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Similar with "Life Long Contract with a Demon", or "Sell Your Soul Contract", but with Arch Angels. You need to lead an exemplary righteous life to reap the benefits. Arch Angels are proven to more powerful than demons, can command any demons, and in my experience, produce better long term, sustained, complete results.

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This is a life long version of the pact (aka soul contract). The Arch Angel you choose will be your companion for your entire lifetime, connecting you with opportunities to succeed. Unlike the eternal pact, the contract expires at the end of your life, and your Arch Angel Companion will meet you at the point of your passing and escort you into your level of existence. (ie heaven, next life, astral traveling, ascension to "God hood" etc.) From there on you will part ways with your Arch Angel companion. For an Eternal Pact the Arch Angel plans multiple life time of experiences. People choose different length of pacts due to personal needs, not one option is "better" than another!!

About 80% of all the pacts I made for my clients were with Arch Angels, it was a service I have been offering, though not explicitly, now to put it out there to make it obvious...

In my experience, Arch Angels produce the best, long lasting, most blessed results. Though "Demons" are better companions, if I have to make a wish for myself, my first instinct would be ask an Arch Angel for help. If you wish to pact with a "Demon", I can make that happen for you too. Angels/Demons/Djinns... they are not all that different. Many Angels were once classified as Demons and vice versa. Just drop me a note when you purchase.

Note. Magick be done by Deion. Yes, that Deion, if you don't believe me send Deion a message / email. He will confirm.
(Deion is a male black magician, FYI for our regular FHRA clients.)

Best suited for people who aim for life of meaningful contribution to society, the Arch Angel will set you up for a life of blessing, put you in a position to succeed. I had a friend who is a professional astronomer, after the magick , he move along his career in a very productive matter, making discoveries, giving lectures. He also spend a lot of his time in remote parts of the worlds, (observatories are located on top of a mountain with very minimal city light). He makes a comfortable salary, married his high school sweetheart, drives a reliable family car, invested wisely in his retirement mutual fund. A steady, productive, blessed life. Unlike a "demonic pact", it is not likely that my friend will live the life of excess. Probably won't own his private jet, won't find him in a pool with a dozen of models, won't own a mountain retreat he never visits. that's not the "the good life" an Angel have in mind. Rather, the Arch Angel will make sure your potential is full actualized. When time comes for him to transition into the after life, his Arch Angel patron will meet him at the gates of heaven, either help reincarnate into another comfortable, productive life, or serve in heaven for higher purpose. Of course, your mileage may vary, but that's the kind of life you can expect by a pact with an Arch Angel!

Arch Angels will also protect you from negativity, remove all black magick curses, and lead you to make good decisions. A lot of people regret that one bad decision that ruined their life, for example, if only they had not got into that car after one too many drinks, or regret that one moment with lead to an affair that broke up their family, or that one moment when their anger got the better of them. With an Arch Angel on your shoulder, you will much more likely to make the right decision at the right moment, thus helping you to live a long and blessed life. I know it is not as exciting as a pact with a Demon, but if you think about it, it is these "soft" moment that defines someone's life!!

There are a few variation of the soul pact, or Guardian Pact. Short Pact 10 to 15 years. Life Long- Lasting a full life time. Eternal - Spanning a few hundred years and many life time / after life time. The spirit will see if you to wish renew your soul pact afterwards. People choose different variation for personal reasons, some feel very strongly about committing for a long time with a spirit, some people wish to experience spiritual grow at their own pace and choose a short contract.

I am posting this service because my spirit guide asked me to do so, If you are reading this right now, and feel a strong attraction to this product, that means your guardian spirit guide lead you here.

Most commonly Pact with Arch Angel...

Arch Angel Metatron, Micheal, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Sandalphon, Raziel, Haniel, Zadkiel, Barachiel. If you have a specific Angel you wish to pact with, I can make that happen. I can also advise you on which Arch Angel is best for you. I can do a reading for you to see which Angel's spirit best suit your soul's vibration. It is also possible to enter with soul pacts with many spirits, although not advise for beginners. and Yes you can mix Angels, Demons, Djinns, Deity etc. Demon/Djinns are really ancient Gods that were sullied by mainstreams religions. A lot of Angels were classified as Demons and vice versa by ancient grimoires so the distinctions are entirely superficial.

All Arch Angels work together, so if you need something that your patron Arch Angel cannot provide, it will also automatically be set up with another Arch Angel, most of the time without your awareness. Arch Angels also "commands" demons, and other other deity, in fact, it happens quite often that your wishes to an Angel was filled by a "Demon". Another benefit, although very rarely used, is an Arch Angel can employ the full force of God to achieve an earthly objective. You will find that in many ancient literature, that Arch Angels are known to be an "Aspect of God", that Arch Angels like Michael and Gabriel were once worshiped as God himself. Having said that, unless you need to part the red sea, nobody ever need that much power.

To proceed with this spell, I will need your full name at birth, your birthdate, your birth time, your city of birth, and your recent pictures. Please email this information to me as soon as made the purchase, that way I don't have to spend extra time chasing down your paperwork! I get hundreds of email a day, please help simply my workflow!

Expect 10 to 20 business days to complete. This is a powerful magick!

As per Etsy's tangible good policy, costumer will receive a written divination report in text or PDF

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