Which Spirit is best for me to work with? Black Magic Astrology reading. Good Luck Spell. Divination for love + money. Demon/ Angel/ Deity


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It's like a dating service but with demons! I will match you up with a spirit (demon / angels / Elemental) base on astrology!

I will identify which planetary influence is strongest at which point in your life, then match you up with a spirit that is most powerful at those moment, and which spirits loves you the most in the astral plane I will make a connection with the said spirit and make sure that spirit wish to work with you. Most clients walked way from this reading feeling energized, more confident in their magic abilities, and felt a sense of love and belonging knowing which spirit they can call on. Perfect for people beginning their journey in black magick or witchcraft.

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I will recommend spirits from any tradition, usually Angels, Demons, or Deities. Note, Demons are in reality Gods from other ancient religion, that got their named sullied when conquered by another civilization. The word "Demon" is an classical greek word for spirit. In Athens time, the word was used as a compliment for people who are exceptionally intelligent, well spoken with fresh ideas. The same way we use the world "Ingenious" or "Engineer" (In-Genie, ie a Genie inside you, ie possessed by a spirit that made you smart.) I include that explanation for people who are are triggered by the word "Demon".

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Readings done by Deion. Yes, that Deion, if you don't believe me send Deion a message / email. He will confirm.
(Deion is a male black magician, FYI for our regular FHRA clients.)

Last one at this price! This is a very time consuming reading, and I already have a lot on my plate, back for a limited time due to popular demand!

Using a periodic chart, I can tell you which time period is the best,
for example, from Aug 3rd 2020 to Sep 31st 2024, this spirit can make a biggest impact in your life.

I will give you a reading for your entire life time.

You can either have a spirit in mind, and I can see when that spirit is at it's peak of power in your life

or I can find the best spirit for each time period and make some suggestions. just briefly tell me what you want to accomplish (love, special goals, career, housing... etc)

For this to work I will need your birth information (date, time, location), I will also need your recent pictures. If possible, tell me what you wish to accomplish most with your career. I understand this may change over time, it would nonetheless give us a good starting point to focus our energies.

Astrology is just a weather forecast. Free will trumps astrology anytime. If you already have your heart set on a certain spirit, that means that spirit is calling you, just go with that! You don't need further divination or second opinions!

This is a unique offer with my special skills, no one else have this expertise! (usually astrologers don't work with spirits and black magicians don't work with astrology, sad but true!)

Free Bonus
All reading comes with a cleansing ritual and a good luck ritual to give you a boost in astral energy.

Please send the following information when you purchase, your birthdate, your birthtime, your city of birth, your recent pictures, (prefer headshots) Briefly tell me about yourself and your aspirations. Please spell out the month of your birth, ie Aug 8th, 1997 etc. I get clients from all over the world and I get confused when people send a birthdate like 8/7/1994. Does that mean July 8th, or August 7th? Then it takes another email to find out and a lag time of a few hours to a few days. arggg ... Little pet peeves lol.

Delivery time is between 14 to 21 days, depending on my work flow at the moment you place your order, although i will try to deliver the reading much sooner.

As per Etsy's policy this is for entertain purpose only, no metaphysical outcome implied or warrantied.

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