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please read the entire product description before purchasing!!
Why are some people luckier than others??
Why do some people just seems to have it better from birth???
Why do some people have their life fall into right place at the right time while you struggle?

All occult listings are limited time offer, meaning they are only available for a very limited period of time. This is very popular offering and it is always sold out. If you come back on a later date and it is gone, or the item is much more expensive then it is right now, my apologies in advance.

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My spirit guide asked me to post this item on this store, so it will be available for the next few days. If you are reading this right now, that means your spirit guide had brought you here. Deeper meaning of life awaits you to explore! The real question is; Are you ready??

MSRP. $699.99 Price will go up very soon!! This divination is very time consuming!!! I just read a news story of a wealthy man in Hong Kong paid 3 million dollars for the same new name reading as you are looking at right now, so this listing is really a bargain price!
For more forbidden occult listings, please visit my Etsy pattern store.

*Last one at this price! Price goes back up tomorrow!!!!
Readings done by Deion. Yes, that Deion, if you don't believe me send Deion a message / email. He will confirm!!
(Deion is a male black magician, FYI for our regular FHRA clients.)

Naming a new born used to be an occult knowledge, reserved for Royals or Noble birth. This method was kept secret so average people don't gain power over the elites. And so your parents were told lies on how to name their child. In some culture, people will pay an expert astrologer millions of dollars just to name their child properly. If you never enjoyed that privilege at birth, now is time to take back your astral advantage!

Here is the divination product...

I will give you your perfect name, using ancient Vedic planetary astrology and black magick divination to find you the perfect name for this life time. Using this "Magick name", you will find yourself having making the best possible decisions to attain relationships, fortune, career and good health. You will have the wisdom avert disasters, and find yourself always in the position to reap the best possible outcome in all of life's situation. All names will comes with a blessing from an appropriate spirit and an "activation mantra" to help you get started smoothly.

This name will be as much Westernized (Anglo American ) as possible, that way it can be used on a everyday setting without drawing unwanted attention. It is meant to be very practical. The name will have a high astral resonance, with very powerful vibration that attract spirit's attention. It is also a portal to the spirit world. The spirits will recognize with this name than your birth name because of the astral resonance, using this name will help you become more in sync with the spirits. It is not base on "meaning", please don't ask what the name means.

(having said that, common sense applies. You will still have to work hard, be a good person and don't do stupid things. You won't believe how many crazy request I get. Nothing will change unless you first change yourself. Magical doesn't mean what you see in the movies, things don't just pop up into your room without you doing anything. And no, it won't happen instantaneously. You will live the life of a lucky person, but even the luckiest people have their struggles... Be realistic, ok?)

You can use this name to found a business, or use it as nick name, an online alias, a DBA (do business as), maybe you are a fighter pilot and needs a call sign. if you are considering a name change. if you are moving to a new country and you need to adopt a new name, add a middle name. IF you are a model or actress looking for your SAG screen name, writer looking for a pen name. The possibility is limitless. It will have to be a situation where you assume of the identity of this name for it to function.

Keep in mind you'll have the rest of your life to use this name. You may not think you need it today, but you may want it in the future. Unlike a "spell", which effect will fade eventually, or an "enchanted item", where you can break or lost the item. Nobody can take your lucky name away from you! What else can you buy that will last you forever? Remember, luck is preparation meeting opportunity, be ready now. It may take you some time to fit this name in your life...

I am posting this service because my spirit guide asked me to do so, If you are reading this right now, and feel a strong attraction to this product, that means your spirit guide lead you here. Chances is that your new name will be infused with spirit energy from the get go. It could also mean that this name I give you is your name in the spirit world. Don't miss this opportunity to change your life today.

For this service I will need your full name at birth, your birth date, your birth time, your location of birth, and your recent pictures. Yes I need all of that. (your time of birth can be found on your birth certificate)
Please send me all the relevant information immediately after your purchase. I want to spend my time doing divination and rituals, you know, meaningful work, not chasing down paperwork.

Yes I can name your new born child. Yes I can name your company that's already founded. Yes I can give you multiple names **if that is possible** (some birth timing only have a narrow range of astral resonance) you'll have to pay extra if you want multiple names.

I will also be posting a new ritual, in a few days, for a "Total rebirth ritual" that will have you re birth in the perfect time, correctly most of your birth time defects. That ritual will include your magick name. Stay tuned.

I will continuously update this product listing with a FAQ section.

Please allow 10 to 15 business days for delivery
If you require express delivery, there is a corporate service fee for 99.99USD. We will get it out to you within 48 hours guaranteed. This is usually for urgent situations such as founding a business or for a time sensitive matter.

As per Etsy's terms of service. For entertainment only. No metaphysical out come implied or warrantied. You are buying a divination product as tangible good. All sales are final. No refund!!!!

Case studies
Back when I was a fashion photographer, I had many young talents trying find the perfect "lucky name" for their modeling and acting career, I remember this one model from Eastern Europe, who's was looking for a new identity when she arrived in New York, she used to be a highly gifted ballet dancer back in her home country, at the time we met she was going through a rough batch, she went to all kinds of audition but kept getting turned down. She asked if there is anything I can do for her, noticing she need a new name for this industry, I suggested she should try the magick name I came up for her. Ever since she started using the lucky name I gave her, her career took a turn for the better, her old agent, who was nice but ineffective, quit his job and the new agent got her into a new market. The new agent appreciated her unique talent and brought her to auditions that best fit her, and her career took off. I haven't spoken to her in a while but I kept seeing her in magazines.

I had another friend from college who's happens to be very intelligent but never able to stay employed. I suggested he should start his own business, but before we decided what business to start, I gave him a business name using the same divination method. We went to the notary public and filed a DBA (doing business as) with the new lucky name, not knowing what his new business would sell. With his new identity he started a gourmet meat delivery business. A few months later the pandemic hit, all the grocery stores shuts down and everybody was calling him for his meat delivery service!

Not that I can claim credit for anything, their hard work deserves all the credit, but we also cannot ignore the fact that getting their lucky name was a turning point in their career.


Can you suggest a name for my new born child?
Yes, that would be my honor, please send the birth information and I'll get to work.

Can I have multiple "Lucky Names"?? I have a few ventures in mind.
Yes. You will have to pay me for each additional name. Having said that, some birth timing only have a very narrow astral resonance, so I can't guarantee for more than one.

Do I have to give up my birth name?
No. You can keep using your birth name. The Lucky Name is for your various other ventures that requires an alias.

Can you give me my lucky name in Sanskrit? I am starting a spiritual journey in vedic spirituality, starting my new yoga studio... etc
Yes. I can give you a lucky name in Sanskrit. Keep in mind you need to use to the name often to experience the effect.

Can you suggest a name for my friend? It's for gift purpose.
Yes, I will require the same birth information.

What happens if I don't use the lucky name?
The more you use your lucky name, the more powerful it gets. If you don't use your lucky name it will remain doormat. I will have you an activation / re activation ritual in case you want to re activate it in the future.

Can you give me a lucky name that's more exotic?
Yes. Usually this is for special purpose like membership at a role playing game site

Can you generate a lot of names for my next creative venture? (movies screen plays, novels, video games, virtual world ... etc)
Yes. I am happy to provide corporate service to creative companies.

Can I used it as your middle name?
A few client ask me that question. Short answer is yes. The point of "using" a name means you can identify yourself as such, and other identify yourself as the name. The question is, if it is your "middle" name, how often would it be used? If it is not used, it will remain doormat.

Can you name my pet?
Yes. We can either use the pet's birth information or your information.

Can you name my new company?
Yes. I can do that.

Can I give you a list of names and you pick the best one for me?
Yes I can do that.

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Deion is amazing…always answers my questions even his super busy…will always come back to buy more…

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